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10 Birthday Gift Ideas for a 6-Year-Old

Birthday Gift Ideas for 6 Year Olds

Following on from my series of gift ideas for specific ages – it’s now time to inspire you with some gift ideas for 6-year-olds. I’ve selected 10 that I’m happy to recommend but if you don’t find anything suitable from these ten, take a minute and look at my full range of toys for six to eight-year-olds here.

  1. Ludo – €9.50This retro board game is for two to four players. The aim is to get your counters home before anyone else.ludo
  2. Magnetic Putty Peeps – €9.99This is part of the Putty Peeps range so it has all the typical characteristics – it doesn’t dry out, it bounces, stretches and moulds easily and it comes with a set of plastic eyes. But, on top of this, it’s magnetic and it comes with a strong magnet.birthday gift present ideas for six year olds
  3. Glow in the Dark 3D Planets – €9.99Make your own 3D hanging mobile with these 3D glow in the dark planets.Glow in the Dark 3D Planets
  4. Connect4 – €10.75Connect4 - Grab and GoThis travel version is perfect for two people to play with.
  5. Wooden Jigsaw of Ireland – €11.99birthday gift present ideas for six year oldsThis 32 piece jigsaw will have any six-year-old familiar with where each county is, in no time.
  6. Decoupage Made Easy – €14.50

Choose between an owl or a puppy, this is a fun craft of sticking.birthday gift present ideas for six year olds

Melissa and Doug - Decoupage Made Easy Puppy

7. The Science of Colours and Light – €11.99

This science kit is suitable for children aged 6+

The Science of Colours and Light

8. Charades for Kids – €14.99

Provided your six-year-old can read, they will be able to enjoy this fun acting present toy ideas for six year olds

9. Craft Caddy – €14.99

This craft caddy is a perfect gift for a creative child as it has so many different craft materials in it.

Galt Craft Caddy

10. A Lottie Doll from €16.99

All Lottie Dolls and Accessories on my website are now reduced, so there’s no better time to pick one (or two!) up!gift present toy ideas for six year olds

I hope this has helped give you some inspiration on what to buy for a six year old’s birthday party gift. If not, check out my full range, which includes more affordable toys and more expensive toys, here

And, if you’re looking for some inspiration on gifts for other aged children, check out my blog as I’m working towards having a full set soon!

Thanks for reading,

xx Suzie

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