Outdoor Toys for Younger Kids

Outdoor Toys for Younger Kids
Summer is officially here, despite the weather jumping back and forth. Even with the showers and occasional cold day, my children are out playing in our garden or on our road at every opportunity and I love it! At this time of year, I always invest in a few new outdoor toys for them and if you are in the same frame of mind, here are ten affordable outdoor toys you might like too.

I haven’t focused on larger play items like swings and trikes but instead of smaller, affordable toys.

1.An Extendable Net

Telescopic Extendable Children's Fishing Net

These cool telescopic nets are brilliant for a day at the beach, river or lake.  Adult supervision is always needed when children are playing with or near water.

2. The Worlds Best Bug Viewer

World's Best Bug Viewer Nature Toys

This little pot is made of clear plastic so once your child has caught a bug, they will want to observe it and show it off! They can look at them from all angles using this bug viewer. The lid has a built-in magnifying glass, which allows you to view your bug in greater detail. Alternatively, if you don’t like removing small creatures from their habitats, invest in a magnifying glass  to help your child observe them better.

Wooden handle magnifying glass

3. French Skipping Ropes

French skipping rope, cats cradle, elastics

These are great if you have more than two children or if your kids have friends who play with them regularly. Two people put this elastic rope around their ankles and the others jump over it. Alternatively, if you have fewer people, you can put the rope around chair legs.

4. A Kite

Pocket Kite

These pocket kites are brilliant as they have no poles and they are light and easy to bring to the beach or park. They fly great too!

5.  Sidewalk Chalks

Sidewalk chalks, chunky street chalks, outdoor toys

Whether it’s drawing patterns, pictures, crime scenes or court outlines, a box of sidewalk chunky chalks is a must for every child that has a safe road or path near their home. I stock a larger box with 15 chalks and a smaller box with 6 chalks.

6. Make your own Insect Hotel

Make your own Insect Hotel from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

This simple woodwork project for children is suitable for children aged 5+. It contains the precut pieces of wood which slot together and are held together with wood glue (included). Once constructed, your child will have to source lots of twigs, leaves etc to fill the box with. Then, attach to a wall or a tree and before you know you’ll have lots of little insects staying over!

7.  A Scrunch Flyer

Scrunch Disc - Dark Purple

These frisbees are great for developing gross motor skills as your child learns to throw, catch and run after them. They are also great for hand eye coordination and on top of that, they are great fun for the whole family! They are made out of silicone so they don’t hurt if you don’t catch them. Available in several colours.

8. A Ribbon Wand

Gymnastics dance ribbon wand

If you have a large house these are great for indoor play too but for those with smaller houses, these ribbon wands are great for enhancing any dance your child might create.

9. Scrunch Buckets and Spades

Scrunch Bucket - Sage Green

These silicone buckets are perfect for fun at the beach or at a sand pit. They are super durable and come in lots of different colours. You can buy matching plastic spades to go with them.

10. A Return Ball

Gametime Return Ball

These are tennis balls, the only difference is that have an elastic thread linking the ball to a wrist band. The idea is to throw the ball onto the ground. The elastic thread will catapult it back and the player has to catch it.


The toys I’ve featured here are suitable for younger kids. I plan on writing a similar blog next week featuring some outdoor toys for older children, so if you have older ones, keep an eye out next week. Or, check out my range of Retro Outdoor Toys here. There will be a bit of over lap between all these blogs. Alternatively, you can see my full range of outdoor toys here.

Thanks for reading. Now, all we need is some summer weather!!

xx Suzie


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