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10 Affordable Outdoor Toys for Older Children

10 Affordable Outdoor Toys for Older Children

It can be so hard to separate older children from computer games and the tv screen and with Summer approaching, maybe it’s time to invest in a few outdoor toys that will tempt them outdoors! Last week I wrote a blog on ‘Affordable Outdoor Toys for Children 8 and Under‘ so today I want to focus on toys that suit children over the age of eight. Here are ten that I’m happy to recommend and which won’t burst your bank!

  1. Juggling Balls – €4.50Outdoor toys for older children

Juggling isn’t the easiest of skills to learn but our children have lots of time with no school and this could be a good challenge.

2. Build your own Birdhouse – €15.99Outdoor Toys for Older Children

This woodwork project for children will give them a sense of pride once they have built it and painted it (paints included). It’s a great way to spark an interest in birds.

3.  Flying Ring – €1.99

Flying Rings frisbee

Cheap and cheerful, these frisbees are great fun.

4.  Make your own Butterfly Nectar Feeder – €13.95Outdoor Toys for Older Children

If feeding birds isn’t your child’s thing, then maybe feeding butterflies and bees is? This Gift in a Tin has everything needed to build and paint your own Nectar Feeder.

5. Compass – €2.50Outdoor Toys for Older Children

Teach your child how to navigate his/her way through forests or the countryside with a simple but effective compass.

6. Adventurer’s Headlight – €7.99Outdoor toys for older children

For fun in the evenings, this Adventurer’s Headlight is perfect for camping trips or cycling home in the dark. If camping and outdoor adventures are your child’s thing, I also stock really cool camping cutlery, which costs €8.99.Outdoor toys for older children

7. Ant World – €17.99outdoor toys for older children

Learn all about the wonderful world of ants and even make a habitat to view them in, with Nick Baker’s Ant World Kit.

8. Flower Press – €7.49outdoor toys for older children

Allow your child to pick some flowers and press them with this retro Flower Press.

9. Make your own Insect Home – €13.95

Build this little insect hut and watch and wait. Before you know it, it will house ladybirds, solitary bees and other bugs!

10. Kites – €7 

These kites are great as they have no poles so they pack away small and they are perfect for a windy day.

As kids get older, their interests get more refined. I know some children just need a football and others need nothing, just friends to chat with. But for those that need something else, I hope this blog has helped spark some ideas and I hope you and your older children get to have lots of fun outdoors this summer.

xx Suzie


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