Card Games you’ll want to play with your Children

Card games you'll want to play with your children
I’m a huge fan of card games – they are great fun, they usually make me think and they are easy to carry around and produce at airports, coffee shops or just to take out and play with the family. What I also love about them is that they usually are cheap games to play that can be played over and over again.

If you are looking for a card game to introduce to your family and which you can enjoy playing with them. Here are some of my favourite.

Are We There Yet? 

Are we there yet travel game for car journeys

This fun game is designed to be played while travelling in a car. ‘Are we there yet?‘ is quite hard, so is recommended for children aged 6+.


Djeco Pipolo Bluffing Card Game

Pipolo always has our family in stitches of laughter as we try and figure out who is lying and who is the best bluffer in our family! The cards have really quirky images on them and the game is recommended for children as young as 5.

Matilda Card Game

Matilda Card Game

This is a fast-moving card game for children and adults aged 6+. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards and not to be left holding the Miss Trunchball card.

Where’s Wally Card Game 

Where's Wally Memory Card Game

This memory game is suitable for children aged 3+ and features characters from Where’s Wally!


Djeco Misticat Card Game Ireland

Misticat is a matching game where you need to pair off all the cats with their match while at the same time, you don’t want to be left with the cat in the striped pajamas! It is recommended for children aged 4-7 years old.

DIY Happy Families

DIY Happy Families Card Game

This is a craft and a game all in one as you can colour in the cards as you wish. The aim of Happy Families is to have the most complete families at the end of the game. Each family in this set has 6 members – grandparents, parents and kids and they are all different animals. They are beaufiul cards even if you don’t feel like colouring them.

Times Tables Snap

Times Tables Snap

If you are a family that likes maths or you want to improve your five or ten times tables, then this version of snap would really suit you.

Card Holders

Djeco Card Holder

This is not a card game but it’s an absolute must for any families who play cards together. Have you noticed how younger players just can’t hold multiple cards in their hands and often end up placing them on surfaces nearby hoping everyone else won’t look and see what cards they have? This is the solution. It’s a spring card holder and it’s easy to slip cards in and out and see them all at once.

Table Card Holder

Or, for even littler people, this tabletop card holder is a must. It allows both hands to be free to play the game.


If you like non card games too, check out this blog – Fun Games for the midterm break. Or if playing games just causes fights in your family, you might like a cooperation game instead. With these games, everyone plays on the same team and either wins together or loses together.

I hope I’ve inspired you to play card games with your children. If you need me to explain any of these further, just let me know!

xx Suzie


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