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10 Fun Games for the Mid-Term Break

10 Fun Games for the Mid-Term Break

Only a few more days of school and then my girls will be off for a week. Although this puts extra pressure on me as I mind them and run my business, I’d choose it any day over rushed mornings, packed lunches and homework, so I’m counting down the days. This mid-term is different for a lot of schools. Some choose to take the full week off, while others only have 2 days. I’m so thankful that ours is a full week. I feel we all really need it.

Unlike the summer holidays, when my girls spend a lot of time out on the road playing with their friends or the Christmas holidays, when there are so many family events to go to, the February mid-term can have long days with little scheduled. I’m not sure what that means in your house, whether it means a trip to the book shop to buy a new book or a visit to the cinema. These trips can add up and make mid-term an expensive week. Although the toys I’m about to show you will cost money, I believe that they will be worth every cent as they can be played with over and over (and not just during midterm but in the evenings and at weekends) and they can involve the whole family or just the children. Here’s ten, that I’m happy to recommend.

  1. Little Cooperation
Djeco Little Cooperation

Djeco Little Cooperation

It can be hard to find a board game that pre-school children can understand and stay engaged playing but from experience, this one works. The games only last about 10 minutes (but can be played over and over) and there’s no reading involved, so pre-school aged children can play it without it being complicated or them needing help. Also, it’s a team-building game so instead of everyone playing against each other, everyone plays together and you either win together or lose together, so there’ll be less fighting. It is recommended by Djeco for children aged 2.5 to 5 years.

2. The Beetle Game

The Beetle Game

The Beetle Game

This version of the Beetle Game is the paper version. In the box, you will get a notebook with faintly drawn beetles, 2 pencils and dice. The first player throws the die and depending on what number they throw, they can draw over the corresponding body part of the beetle (so, for example, they might need to throw a 1 to get to draw the body). The aim of the game is to be the first person to complete their beetle. Lots of people can play this game at the same time and people as young as 5 can enjoy it. It comes in a little box, perfect for slipping into your handbag and producing when your child starts the ‘I’m bored’ lark!

3. Grab and Go Cluedo (Discontinued)

Cluedo was one of my childhood favourite games and I taught my girls how to play it over Christmas. It’s as good as I remembered and they loved it too. They are 8 and 10 and both grasped how to play it quickly. It’s a murder mystery game where you have to figure out who the murderer was, what weapon they used and where the murder happened! This version is the travel version so it’s perfect for storing and yet equally as good for playing.

4. Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids

Charades is fun no matter what age but this version is suitable for children aged 4+ as the objects and actions that are to be acted out are in visual form as well as written form and they are objects/actions your child will know like a cat or tieing a shoelace. This is a fun game for the whole family.

5. Djeco – 4 Seasons Lotto

Djeco 4 Seasons Lotto Game

Djeco 4 Seasons Lotto Game

This is another game for pre-school aged children up to about 6 years old. Every child is given a board with 4 items illustrated on it. 16 little discs are placed upside down and the children take turns turning them over and seeing if they match the pictures on their board. The first person to get all four discs from their board is the winner.

6. Compendium of Games

Junior Compendium of Games

Junior Compendium of Games

This box doesn’t just have one game but it has everything you need to play 50 different games! Some are as traditional as Snakes and Ladders and Ludo, while others are card games and games of skill. There’s weeks of fun to be found in this box of games.

7. Bingo (Discontinued)

This traditional game will have the whole family competing to be the first to fill a row or card. It’s great fun and very easy to play.

8. Mini Logix Sudoku

Mini Logix Sudoku by Djeco

Mini Logix Sudoku puzzles for children by Djeco

Not all games need several players to play. These boxes of sudoku games are for one person at a time, although there are 30 cards in the box, so 30 people could all play at the same time using a different card! They are aimed at children aged 6-10 years.

9. Chinese Checkers

Wooden Chinese Checkers Board Game from Small Foot Design Toys

Wooden Chinese Checkers Board Game from Small Foot Design Toys

Chinese Checkers is a game of strategy where you need to move your pegs across the board to their new home before anyone else. Up to six people can play it at the same time and it’s recommended for children aged 6+. This is a beautiful wooden version that you’ll have for life.

10. Roll-up Magnetic Dartboard (Discontinued)

Darts can be dangerous and yet so much fun to play. This magnetic dartboard takes away the danger as instead of each dart having a pointy tip, it has a magnet that will stick to the magnetic dartboard. It’s a simple but clever concept and great fun to play.

I hope you have found some inspiration here on what to do on a rainy mid-term day. If not, feel free to follow me on Instagram stories and you’ll see what myself and my girls are playing or maybe you’d like to view my full range of games, as I’m sure I have something to suit everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you do purchase a game from me and you are active on Instagram. Please tag me so I can see how you are getting along, or review the game on my website, so others can be inspired by you.

Have a wonderful mid-term,

xx Suzie


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