10 Gift Ideas for 11 and 12 Year Olds

Gift Ideas for 11 and 12 Year olds
As you are probably aware, I did a whole series of gift idea blogs for certain ages earlier this year. I stopped at age 10 but have since had a request to do one for 11 and 12 year olds. So, here are some toys I’d choose to give to eleven or twelve year olds. As always, I’ve chosen toys ranging in price and I’ve just chosen ten. If you can’t find someone perfect from my suggestions, I’m sure you might find it from my full range of toys for this age group. 

  1. Terra Kids Connectors – Construction Starter Kit

Terra Kids - Connectors Construction Starter Kit

This 87 piece construction kit has lots of fun projects to work on using the connectors and items found in nature.

2.  Perudo


Perudo is a great bluffing game for this age group, teenagers and adults.

  1. Bainisteoir Board Game

Bainisteoir Board Game

Help your county reach the All Ireland Finals with the fun Bainisteoir board game

  1. DIY Coaster Kits

DIY Mosaic Coaster Kit - Rainbow

Choose between making a Rainbow Coaster or a Boat Coaster and if you can’t choose, make both! These are really simple but effective crafts.

  1. Sequence Visual Game

Sequence Visual Game

The whole family will enjoy playing this fun game of attempting to match as many tile sequences as possible.

  1. Don’t Say It Game

Don't Say It, Taboo for children. Family Games

Taboo is still a little difficult for this age group. ‘Don’t Say It’ is an age-appropriate version where you have to guess what the person is describing but they are limited as they can’t say certain words.

7. Cubissimo

Djeco Cubissimo

This is a puzzle activity where you have to use the wooden shapes to form a puzzle with different starting points each time. If you like this, you’d probably like the flat version – Polyssimo too

  1. First Pottery

First Pottery Galt Toys Ireland

Learn how to make some gorgeous pottery pieces with this craft kit from Galt Toys

9. Letter Stamps

Letters Stamp Set

Send secret messages or decorate cards or scrap books with this set of wooden letter stamps.

  1. Terra Kids Connectors – Construction Kit Animals

Terra Kids Connectors - Construction Kit Animals

The principle of the Terra Kids Connectors – Construction Kit Animals is simple and ingenious: gather wood outdoors to work with at home. Drill holes, insert connectors and connect to another piece of wood – the animals gradually come to life.

11. Solarbot

Solarbot 2

Solarbot is a mechanic kit suitable for older children and adults. With this kit, you can build 6 solar powered robots.

I know people often find it overwhelming to buy gifts for older children and often resort to giving money instead. However, there are lots of fun toys out there which kids this age will really enjoy playing with.


I hope these suggestions have helped you. If not, don’t forget to check out my full range of toys for 11 and 12 year olds.  You might also like to read this gift guide, if you need to buy for someone slightly younger ‘What can you give a 10 year old?’

Xx Suzie


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