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10 Fun Gifts for 11 and 12 Year Olds

10 Fun Gifts for 11 and 12 Year Olds

** Update ; many of the toys in this blog have been discontinued as I am constantly revising my stock to meet demand. With every toy that gets discontinued, a new one replaces it.

As you are probably aware, I did a whole series of gift idea blogs for certain ages earlier this year. I stopped at age 10 but have since had a request to do one for 11 and 12 year olds. So, here are some toys I’d choose to give to eleven or twelve year olds. As always, I’ve chosen toys ranging in price from €8.65 to €21.99 and I’ve just chosen ten. If you can’t find someone perfect from my suggestions, I’m sure you might find it from my full range of toys for this age group. 

  1. Origami Wild Animals – discontinued but other similar products available

Learn the art of folding paper in a way that they look like wild animals. This kit comes with visual instructions on how to make 5 different wild animals, along with 55 sheets of double-sided, patterned origami paper and stickers to complete the animals.

2.  The Story Telling Game – discontinued

Use your imagination to tell the wildest story you can, using the cards you have been dealt but watch the clock and your opponents!

  1. The Science of Codes and Riddles
The Science of Codes and RIddles for children

The Science of Codes and RIddles for children

This science kit is really well priced for what you get. It has a good mixture of crafts and science to learn how to solve codes and riddles.

  1. Chess


Travel Size Wooden Chess Game

Travel Size Wooden Chess Game

This set is made up of a chessboard and all the pieces needed. The perfect size for bringing on holidays or storing in a small bedroom.

  1. Galileo Thermometer – Discontined

Another great science kit which allows you to make your own Galileo Thermometer and understand the science behind its workings.

  1. Don’t Say It Game
Don't Say It, Taboo for children. Family Games

Don’t Say It, Taboo for children. Family Games

Taboo is still a little difficult for this age group. This is an age-appropriate version where you have to guess what the person is describing but they are limited as they can’t say certain words.

  1. Knitting Art – discontinued

If the child hasn’t already learned how to knit, now is the perfect time to learn and to take pride in their creations. This kit comes with two sets of knitting needles so two children can learn together.

  1. Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens – discontinued

Learn all about the universe in a fun and gross way with this science kit.

  1. Skribble Head – discontinued

The challenge with this game is to be able to draw a picture on the whiteboard attached to your forehead in a way that your team can guess what it is. Easier said than done and great fun to play.

  1. Bananagrams – discontinued

This game is similar to Scrabble only everyone is making their own crossword. It’s very fast-moving as every time someone shouts ‘Banana’ you need to take an extra letter from the middle pile.


I know people often find it overwhelming to buy gifts for older children and often resort to giving money instead. However, there are lots of fun toys out there which kids this age will really enjoy playing with.


I hope these suggestions have helped you. If not, don’t forget to check out my full range of toys for 11 and 12 year olds.

Xx Suzie

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