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10 Gift Ideas for a 9-Year-Old

10 Gift Ideas for a 9-Year-Old

I hope you have enjoyed my blogs with gift ideas for every age. If you’ve missed them, you can catch up here.  Today, I’m focusing on nine-year-olds. As children get older, their tastes get more refined and I only have time to focus on ten toys in this blog. However, I do stock a lot more, so if none of these suit the nine-year-old you have in mind (or the budget is too small or big here), check out my full range of toys for this age group here.

  1. Make your own Bouncy Balls-Discontinued

This fun kit from Galt Toys has everything the child needs to make either a few large bouncy balls or several smaller ones. Choose whether to make them in a single colour or rainbow.

  1. Make a Sock Owl – Discontinued

This fun sewing kit comes in a lovely little gift tin. After the owl has been made, he/she then has a place to live in the tin!

  1. Mini Breakdown Truck-Discontinued

This construction kit is also by Gift in a Tin and it includes all the tools and components to make a metal tow-truck.

  1. Create a Geode
Create a Geode Science Kit

Create a Geode Science Kit

For any geography or crystal lovers, this kit would make a great present! It’s fun watching the crystals form on the geode.


  1. Make your own Insect Home
Make your own Insect Hotel from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

Make your own Insect Hotel from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

This gift would be perfect for a child that loves nature and crafts. You make the insect home and then you place it outside for little creatures to live in.

  1. Build an Electric Racing Truck – Discontinued

This is a great price for this educational toy that has great play value after it has been constructed.

  1. Glow Lab-Discontinued

If the child in mind is into science, then this science kit will teach them all about glowing through experiments.

  1. Candle Factory
Make your own Scented Candles

Make your own Scented Candles

This kit has everything needed to make several candles which your child can keep or give as gifts to friends or family.

  1. Jungle Wind-Ups – discontinued

Make a whole set of wind-up toys to race each other with this fab craft set for older children

  1. Kersplat
Kersplatt! Board Game

Kersplatt! Board Game

This is a fun game for the whole family to enjoy or to play with when their friends are over.


I hope you’ve found something that suits the 9-year-old you are buying for. As I said, this is just a small selection of toys that I stock. If you haven’t found anything here, then please take a look at my full range.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter break,

Xx Suzie

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