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10 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

10 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

The first year of a baby’s life goes so fast and they change so much in that time. Often it can be hard to know what gift to give a baby who has just turned one. Here are ten gift ideas which I can recommend.

Le Toy Van Sensory Tray Puzzle 

Gift Ideas for babies first birthday

Simple Puzzles are great for children this age and they will get great satisfaction putting the pieces back where they belong. Keep the puzzles easy with big pieces which small hands can manage. I particularly love this 4 piece sensory puzzle from ethical company, Le Toy Van. Each piece is a different shape and colour and has something for baby to discover (a squeak, a kaleidoscope, a soft side or a shape that encourages hand-eye coordination). It retails at €19.99.

Acorn Wood Books

Gift Ideas for baby's first birthday

These books have cardboard pages as well as a hardback cover. There are four books in the collection, which are sold separately for €10 each (Rabbit’s Nap, Postman Bear, Hide and Seek Pig and Fox’s Socks). The stories are like a long poem, which over time if read to them regularly, your baby will learn. Also, to encourage interaction during the story, each page has a lift the flap, in which your child will discover something fun.

Ted in a Box

What to give a one year old

Ted in a Box is a baby’s version of Jack in the Box. Instead of turning a handle, baby can press a button and up comes Ted with a squeak. This toy is great for babies that enjoy playing Peep-a-boo and it retails at €17.99.

Wooden Stacking Frog

Stacking toys for a 1 year olds birthday party

If you are looking for something small to give. I’m happy to recommend this lovely Stacking Frog Toy. It allows your child to discover shape and order and costs €9.50

Activity Cube

Toys for one year olds

Activity cubes are great as there are several activities your baby can try all in one toy. This one is a small one and it costs €29.99. It includes a xylophone, 2 plug games, a learning clock , and other games to improve your child’s fine motor skills.


gifts and toys for 1 year olds

Softballs are great for teaching your child hand-eye coordination and over time, foot-eye coordination. Small children love trying to catch and fetch. These colourful softballs that I stock have a rattle in them to make them extra fun. They cost only €5.99

Pull Along Toys

Pull along toys for a one year old

If your child hasn’t started walking, it’s probably going to happen in the next few months! And, when they do, they will love to bring their toys for a walk with them. Pull along toys are easy for children to move from room to room. I stock lots of them ranging in price from €11 to €20 and varying in design from retro-looking dogs to mummy and baby owls.

Buggy Book

Toy ideas for one year olds

Now that your child is a little bit older, they don’t sleep in the buggy or car seat for as long. It’s hard to find toys that they will keep beside them (and not engage in a ‘game’ of throwing it on the ground). That’s why I love these buggy books so much! They are easy to attach to the buggy or car seat frame and are always at hand when your child gets bored. I currently have these Gruffalo ones reduced from €10 to €6!

Baby Walker

gift ideas for a first birthday

Your child is quite likely very close to walking. If you want to encourage this experience, then maybe consider purchasing a baby walker for your baby’s first birthday. This one which I stock comes with some colourful wooden blocks and costs €49.99.

Baby Mirror

baby mirror

Have your child discover what they look like with this fun baby mirror from Albi Toys. It costs €11.99

I hope these ten toys have helped inspire you. If you haven’t found something that would suit the one year old in your life, why not take a look at my full range of toys for 0 and 1-year-olds.

xx Suzie

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