10 Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

Gift Ideas for Baby's First Birthday
The first year of a baby’s life goes so fast and they change so much in that time. Often it can be hard to know what gift to give a baby who has just turned one. Here are ten gift ideas which I can recommend.

A Fair Trade Crocheted Ball

Stripey Crochet Baby Ball Rattle - Fair Trade

These balls are perfect to throw and attempt to catch. They are also great for rolling indoors and for your little one to chase after crawling or walking. They’ll use their fine motor skills picking it up and the pincher motor to hold it. It’s made by Fair Trade company, Pebble – so it’s a win/win gift for everyone!

If this one doesn’t take your fancy, these colourful softballs from Goki toys  have a rattle in them to make them extra fun. I also stock a set of 6 colourful textured balls which would suit this age group perfectly.

Stacking Cubes

Djeco-toys-stacking-blocks-vehicle 3

These cardboard cubes not only stack but they fit into each other. Each one has a number, so your child can start learning to count and recognise some numbers. They will also start to grasp the terms ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’. These are great fun for building and knocking town. Available in ‘Forest’ theme or ‘Vehicles‘ theme.

A Teething Ring or Rattle

Koala Bear Crocheted Teething Ring Rattle - Fairtrade Baby Gift

Check out this gorgeous Koala Teething Ring and Rattle.  They would make a gorgeous gift. They are made by fairtrade company, Pebblechild.


These are recommended for children aged 18 months and over so the birthday boy or girl will grow into them. They are three piece wooden puzzles that need to be screwed together. There’s three animals in total and they can be mixed and matched. This toy is great for developing your child’s fine motor skills but is also a great conversational starter as you talk about the different animals, different colours and different parts of the body.

Djeco Rondanimo wooden toy for toddlers

Activity Cube

Small Activity Cube for Toddlers

Activity cubes are great as there are several activities your baby can try all in one toy. This one is a small one. It includes a xylophone, 2 plug games, a learning clock , and other games to improve your child’s fine motor skills. If this one is too brightly coloured for your taste, I also stock a pastel activity cube, which you might prefer. If you feel your child will be overwhelmed with so many activities, you can choose something like a this BabyBirdy Shape Sorting Toy. It has bird shaped holes for the three wooden birds to go into. The birds can also be stacked.


Pull Along Toys

Janod - Sweet Cocoon Rainbow Turtle

If your child hasn’t started walking, it’s probably going to happen in the next few months! And, when they do, they will love to bring their toys for a walk with them. Pull along toys are easy for children to move from room to room. The one above is the Sweet Cocoon Rainbow Turtle. I also stock a cow, Peter Rabbit, a snail and a dog pull along toy. I stock lots of them ranging in price from €11 and varying in design.

Wooden Vehicles

Janod Toys Wooden Sweet Cocoon Push Along Vehicle

These Janod wooden vehicles are just gorgeous and would make a lovely gift for a one year old. Choose from a Black Truck, an Olive Car, an Olive Truck, a Natural Wood Car, a Natural Wood Truck, a Coral Car, a Blue Bus or a Yellow Bus.

Baby Walker

Janod - Sweet Cocoon Cart with ABC Blocks

Your child is quite likely very close to walking. If you want to encourage this experience, then maybe consider purchasing a baby walker for your baby’s first birthday. This one which I stock comes with some colourful wooden blocks.

I hope these toys have helped inspire you. If you haven’t found something that would suit the one year old in your life, why not take a look at my full range of toys for 0 and 1-year-olds.

xx Suzie

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