What can you give to a 10 year old?

What can you give to a 10 year old?
As kids get older I find it harder to buy gifts for them. Often I find that they just want money or computer games, both of which, I hate giving. Call me old-fashioned, but I love taking time to choose gifts for children and I find that when I give money, they often spend it on things that aren’t good for them (like chocolate or games that mean their faces are stuck to their screens!)

If you are similar and you have a ten-year-old to buy for, check out these ten toys that I’m happy to recommend. If you want to buy something cheaper or more expensive or none of these just jump out at you, check out my full range of toys for ten-year-olds here.

1. The Yes/No Game

The Yes No Game

This is a fun game for the whole family. It comes with 1 pack of ’50 questions’ cards and a bell and the aim is to be able to answer the questions without answering yes or no. It’s much harder than it seems!

2. Squirrels Go Nuts Game

Squirrels Go Nuts Smart Game

Squirrels Go Nuts is a one person game where you need to help the squirrels hide the nuts by thinking logically and sliding the squirrels around the board.

3. Terra Kids Connectors – Animals

Terra Kids Connectors - Construction Kit Animals

This Terra Kids Connectors Set comes with instructions and connectors so that you can make cool animals with branches, leaves and other items found in nature.

4. A Musical Jewellery Box

Egmont - Musical Jewellery Box

This very much would depend on the child but I know several ten year olds that love pretty, cute things and this jewellery box definitely fits into that category. It’s perfect for storing all kinds of treasures.

5. A Domino Race Rally

Wooden Domino Race Track from Goki Toys

This set of wooden dominoes are on the more expensive end of gifts but would make a great gift for a ten year old who likes precision and challenge. It has 208 pieces to line up and attempt to knock down in one go.

6. Wooden Chess Set


This lovely wooden chess set would make a great gift for a ten year old who loves the game but doesn’t own their own board yet or for someone who wants to learn how to play chess.

7. Who’s in the Bag? Game

Who's in the Bag? Game

This is a really fun game where you have to try and guess who the other players are describing.

8. Make your own Balloon Damsels

Make your own Balloon Damsels by Djeco


I gave this balloon craft kit to my daughter when she was ten and she loved it.

9. Go Genius Football Board Game

Go Genius - Football

This Go Genius Board Game is a quiz game based on football.

10.  5 Second Rule Mini Game

5 Second Rule Mini Game


This fast-talking, quick-thinking game will be one that the whole family will find challenging and will enjoy.

I hope this has helped give you some inspiration. Nine and ten-year-olds are quite similar, so maybe you’d like to read my ten gift ideas for nine-year-olds too or my gift ideas for 11 and 12 year olds?

Enjoy the rest of the Easter break,

xx Suzie



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