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10 Great Gifts for Someone Turning 4

10 Great Gifts for Someone Turning 4

I always think that 4 is a big birthday. In my generation, most children started school when they were four (I know now that many children are 5 starting Primary School) and it started their journey to independence. Now that your child is turning four, they will probably be invited to a lot more birthday parties and so you will need more ideas of what to buy. In this blog, I’ve featured toys that I would be happy to give any four-year-olds in my life. All the presents featured here cost €10 or more but I also stock a large range of gifts that cost less than this here.

A Wooden Laptop

Wooden Laptop with Magnetic Chalk Board and Letters from Small Foot Design Toys

Bring pretend play scenarios to a whole new level with this gorgeous wooden laptop. The screen doubles as a magnetic blackboard and the keys are magnets. As your child grows, they’ll be able to form words using the keys. It comes with chalk, a duster and a wooden smart phone.

Eduludo Shapes

Djeco - Eduludo Shapes - STEM toy

Recreate the images using the wooden shapes or make some pictures or patterns of your own. This Eduludo Shapes activity is great for encouraging free play and creativity.

Numbers and Letters

As your child is preparing to enter Primary School, you can be encouraging them to recognise numbers and letters. These wooden magnetic letters and numbers are great for casual learning and are currently reduced to €13.99. They are the kind of toys that will be played with as your child gets older and learns to form words or do sums with them. I also stock this really lovely ‘See and Spell’ educational toy which will actually get your child spelling some words.


Melissa and Doug See and Spell wooden educational toy for three and four year olds

Eduludo Sticks

This is a really fun activity for children that love order and figuring things out. They can play it on their own or with friends. The aim of the activity is to place the correct length stick on the board to make a picture.

Djeco Eduludo Sticks

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Box of Puzzles

This box of puzzles feature images from the popular children’s book ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. Each puzzle has a different number of pieces so they get harder for your child.

We're going on a bearhunt jigsaw puzzles


Pattern Blocks and Boards

Again, this is a great activity for helping your child learn to sit still and practice their fine motor skills in a fun way. Your child needs to put the right shape and colour pieces on the board to match the picture or they can design their own patterns with the pieces.

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

Firefighters Story Set

Janod - Firefighters Story Play Set

The imagination of a four year old is amazing and often it’s the simplest toys that will get the imagination going the most. This is a small set with a fire truck, people and accessories. Your child can create so many different stories using these figures.

Collages for 3-5 Year Olds

This lovely set from Djeco is perfect for a creative child. It introduces textures and shapes to make fun pictures with.

Djeco Collages for 3-5 year olds

Doctor Sets

Pretend play is still huge with this age group and pretending to be a doctor can be great fun. I stock some really lovely (and very popular) doctor’s sets. The Small Foot Design one is here and the Djeco one can be found here

Djeco Bobo Doudou Doctors Set

Fold and Go Play Sets

If you are a parent, grandparent or Godparent, maybe you want to give a bigger, more expensive present. Personally, I love the Fold and Go Play Sets from Melissa and Doug. I stock the Dolls House and the Barn.

Melissa and Doug Fold an Go Dollhouse

I hope this blog has helped inspire you. If you’re still struggling, take a look at all the toys I sell for this age group here. I’m sure you will find something within your budget that will suit your four-year-old.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

xx Suzie

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