10 Gift Ideas for 7 year olds

10 Gift Ideas for 7 year olds
Do you need to buy a gift for a seven-year-old? Here are ten great gifts that make brilliant birthday presents and which won’t bust the bank!

  1. Penguins on Ice Game

Smart Games - Penguins on Ice

Penguins on Ice is a one person, stategic thinking game when you have to try and fit all the penguins and ice onto the board but there are starting points you have to follow. There are different levels of difficulty to work up to.

2. Beady Keyrings

Galt Beady Keyrings

Make 6 cute animal keyrings with this kit that comes with polystyrene balls and air drying clay with foam beads in it. You also get the keyrings, googly eyes and step by step illustrated instructions that seven-year-olds would have no problem following.

3. A Wooden Catapult

pom pom catapult

Practice knocking down targets with these wooden catapults and pom poms.

4. 4-in-1 Excavation Set

4 in 1 excavation set

Break through the plaster to discover four different items to excavate with this Excavation Kit for children.

5. Build and Paint your own Birdhouse

This kit makes it easy for a child as young as seven to be able to build their own birdhouse and paint it afterwards.

Melissa and Doug Build your own Birdhouse Woodwork Set for Children

6. A Butterfly and Heart Stamp Set

Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamp Set Butterflies and Hearts

This lovely stamp set has 8 wooden stamps and pink and purple ink pads.

7.  Construction Fort Kit

Construction Fort Kit

Slightly more expensive than the other gifts listed here, this construction fort kit would make a lovely gift from a grandparent or god parent who spends a little more on gifts.

8.  Buzz the Wire Game

Buzz the Wire Game of Skill

The whole family will want a turn with this Buzz the Wire Game where the steadiest hand wins!

9. Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set

This set is perfect for children that love puzzles and figuring things out. It has secret decoder wheels, an invisible ink pen, a find and seek lens and 3 workbooks.

Melissa and Doug - Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set

10. Fidget Toys

Kids this age might enjoy a selection of small fidget toys instead of one bigger toy. Things like squeezy yetis, orbie bananas or  fluffy monsters that ooze orbies might go down really well. Alternatively, they might enjoy some magic tricks.


Squeezy Banana

I hope this blog has helped you with your shopping. If none of these ideas work for the 7-year-old you are buying for, check out my full range of toys for 6-8-year-olds. I’m sure you’ll find something that will be perfect.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. If you liked this one, you might also like Gift ideas for 6 year olds or  gift ideas for 8 year olds blogs here.

xx Suzie


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