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10 Great Science Kits for Science Week

10 Great Science Kits for Science Week

I love how kids learn and how often they think they are just having fun, while actually, they are subconsciously learning. I think that’s why I love educational toys and games so much. This week is National Science Week and to mark it, I thought I’d show off 10 of my favourite Science Kits that I stock.

A Crystal Growing Kit 

Crystal Growing Science Kit

Crystal Growing Science Kit

Use the contents and the apparatus in this set to make your own crystal. This kit comes in 2 different colours.

Make your own Slime

No longer for sale on this website

Let’s face it, most parents hate slime but kids LOVE it. This little kit is cheap and cheerful, costing only €4.99 and at least you know that you will get an end product of slime and not just some homemade concoction of expensive household ingredients!!

Bubbling Lava Kit

Bubbling Lava Science Experiment Kit for children

Bubbling Lava Science Experiment Kit for children

You can make your own lava with this science experiment.


Magnet Set

Magnet Set

Learn all about magnetic fields and north and south poles with this 8 piece magnet set

Make your Own Microscope

Discontinued, sorry.

With this Gift in a Tin, you can make your own working microscope.

Lie Detector Kit

Lie Detector Science Kit

Lie Detector Science Kit

Our bodies react differently when we lie. Use this kit to understand how a lie detector works and put it in action.

Make your own Galileo Thermometer

Discontinued – sorry!

Learn all about weather and make your own working Galileo Thermometer with this Science Kit.

Body Lab

Discontinued – sorry!

This kit will help you understand a lot more about the human body and it is full of some great experiments to perform to help you put your knowledge into action.

Frightful First Experiments

I’m sorry, I no longer stock this kit but I’ve plenty of new ones to choose from.

This kit has 18 foul experiments to perform.

Electronic Set

Learn all the basics of electronics, light, and sound with this really cool electronics board.

I hope your little scientists enjoy our National Science Week. I stock more than these 10 science kits, so if you’d like to see the full range of them, click on this link 

xx Suzie

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