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10 Toys for Children with Special Needs

10 Toys for Children with Special Needs

All kids have different needs and abilities and some need a lot more focused help and special toys to help them develop skill sets that come naturally to other kids. The interesting thing about some of these toys is that all kids can enjoy them. I think a prime example of this is the recent craze of Fidget Spinners. These were designed for children with autism but then everyone else discovered them and wanted them for themselves too. Below are some toys that I stock that are primarily for children with special needs.

  1. Musical Clockwork Radio

Musical Radio

This retro tin toy radio is a wind up toy. Once wound up, it plays ‘How much is that Doggy in the Window’ and the little dial shows some dogs moving over.

2. I-Count Puzzle 

Djeco - I-count counting jigsaw puzzle

This is a 20 piece puzzle that will help your child learn to count and recognise numbers.

3. Threading Shoe.

Learn how to tie shoe laces with a wooden threading shoe

Learning to thread a lace through holes and later tying a bow can be a hard skill for most children. This wooden shoe will help you practice from the comfort of our own table.

4. Water painting.

Melissa and Doug On the Go Water Wow! Under the Sea

Some kids hate getting their hands messy so why not give them an alternative painting experience. Melissa and Doug have developed two different water painting books. One is called Water Wow. Fill the water pen with water and then ‘paint’ over the pictures to reveal colours and patterns below. After a few minutes, the colours disappear and can be re-painted over and over. The second type is for those who would become more upset that their painting has disappeared. It’s painting with water on the special pad. Colours appear once they have been painted and they remain. Chinese Checkers or Solitaire. These are great for older children. They are quiet games to play that involve

5. Chinese Checkers or Solitaire.

Wooden Chinese Checkers Board Game from Small Foot Design Toys

Wooden Solitaire Game from Small Foot Design Toys

These are great for older children. They are quiet games to play that involve fine motor skills and some memory, as you move the pegs on the boards. Solitaire is a one person game while up to 6 people can play Chinese Checkers.

6. Musical instruments.

wooden maracas

I have a whole section on musical instruments. Choose from maracas, castanets, xylophones or a musical table. These instruments allow children to get used to loud noises in the comfort of their own home. It also teaches them rhythm and fine motor skills.

7. Wooden Puzzles.

Melissa and Doug Puzzles - Matching Numbers wooden peg puzzle

Teach your child letter and number recognition using these Melissa and Doug Peg Puzzles.

8. Jacob’s Ladder.

Wooden Jacob's Ladder Optical Illusion Fidget Toy

Hold the ladder at the top and rotate your wrist back and forwards to create an optical illusion.

9. Ocean Musical Box

Ocean Musical Box

This is another musical toy. Wind it up and as it plays music, the little wooden ship and lighthouse spin around. It’s mesmerising to watch and listen to.

10. Magnetic Mazes.

Wooden Magnetic Beehive Maze from Janod Toys

Use the wand to move the balls through the maze to their destination. Great for concentration and distraction.

This list could literally go on and on, but I’m going to keep it with 10. If you’d like to see my full range of toys for children with special needs, click on the link or feel free to send me a message and ask for a recommendation.


Xx Suzie

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