10 Great Sensory Toys

10 Great Sensory Toys

What is a Sensory Toy?

A sensory toy is one that is specially designed to stimulate one or more of the senses. Often they can help the child to remain calm and provide a sensory experience for them. All kids have different needs and abilities and some need a lot more stimulation to help them learn. The interesting thing about some of these toys is that all kids can enjoy them. I think a prime example of this is the recent craze of Fidget Spinners. These were designed for children with autism but then everyone else discovered them and wanted them for themselves too. Below are some toys that I stock that can be used as sensory toys.

  1. Stretchy Carrot

Stretchy Carrot

These fun carrots can be stretched and squeezed. They are great for children that just need to fidget and don’t need noise with their fidget toy.

2. Plush Jelly Monsters

Plush Jelly Monsters

Available in four different colours, these little furry guys are filled with orbies. They have large mouth openings so when you squeeze them the orbie sack spills out of their mouths and then retreats back in. They also make a very satisfying gushing noise as the orbies rub against each other.

And, if little monsters aren’t your thing, you’ll probably prefer these Sealife creatures that are similar, in that they ooze out orbies when squeezed and are soft to touch.

3.  Squeezy Banana

Squeezy Banana

These soft bananas are filled with orbies and feel great to squeeze.

4.  Scratch and Sniff Scented Stickers

Scratch and Sniff Scented Stickers

Choose from one of eight different scents. These stickers have to be scratched in order to reveal their scent.

5. Sensory Blocks

Galt Sensory Blocks

This is a set of 6 sensory blocks . Each block has a different feel to it, a different pattern to look at and some added sensory extras like a mirror or a rattle. They can be held together with velcro.

6. Musical instruments.

wooden maracas

I have a whole section on musical instruments. Choose from maracas, castanets, xylophones or a musical table. These instruments allow children to get used to loud noises in the comfort of their own home. It also teaches them rhythm and fine motor skills.

7.  Moody Squeeze Face

Moody Squeeze Face Stress Ball Fidget Toys for Children

These soft cubes are filled with a white powder so they can be squished and squeezed. Each one comes with a different expression which can help a non verbal kid express how they are feeling. They are sold singly.

8. Icky Sticky Gel Creatures

Sticky Stretchy Creature

These sticky jelly insects are brilliant for pulling and squishing. Throw them onto a smooth surface and they will stick. It’s satisfying pealing them off too.

9. Ocean Musical Box

Ocean Musical Box

This is another musical toy. Wind it up and as it plays music, the little wooden ship and lighthouse spin around. It’s mesmerising to watch and listen to.

10. Scented Markers and Pens

GoGoPo Jumbo Scented Highlighters

The ones pictured above are jumbo scented highlighter pens. I also stock scented gel pens and scented markers.


This list could literally go on and on, but I’m going to keep it with 10. If you’d like to see my full range of toys for children with special needs, click on the link or feel free to send me a message and ask for a recommendation. Or, if you’re looking for fidget style toys suitable for school, check out this blog.


Xx Suzie


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