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15 STEM Toys for Children aged 10+

15 STEM Toys for Children aged 10+

Back in January, I started a series of blogs about STEM toys and then things got very busy here as I prioritized buying in new stock for 2020 (If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have been getting sneak previews of lots of these) and then midterm came. I’m finally getting around to finish off this series with a blog on STEM toys for older children.

Just in case you missed my last blogs or you have forgotten exactly what STEM toys are, here’s a reminder.

S – Science

T – Technology

E – Engineering

M – Maths

And here’s the links to the blogs I’ve already written:

So, today, I’m going to highlight some educational toys that focus on developing science, technology, engineering and maths skills for children aged 10+. Many of these will be enjoyed by adults too. I stock quite a lot of these types of toys but I can’t feature them all here. Instead, I’ve picked out 15 and if you’d like to see more, you can click through at the bottom of this blog!

  1. Space, Stars, and Slimy Aliens Science Kit (discontinued)

If your child loves learning about space, the galaxy and also loves sensory toys and making things like slime, then this science kit would be a perfect learning toy for them. The booklet enclosed, is detailed and full of interesting facts while the experiments are a fun way of learning how these scientific facts work.

2. Secret Morse Code Kit (Discontinued)

This is a fun learning activity for older boys and girls. Using a finger torch and the instructions, your child can learn how to pass messages to their friends using morse code. It’s a clever kit and it costs only €2.50!

3. A Compass



Some people are just wired to enjoy figuring out things – whether it’s how something is made, a maths problem or how to calculate how to get somewhere. These compasses are perfect for kids like this. Give them a map and a compass and they’ll have hours of fun!

4. Secret Code Wheels Kit (Discontinued)

If sending secret messages and deciphering codes is something your child enjoys then this kit is right up their street. Inside are two code wheels, two notebooks, and two pencils. Your child can send a secret message that only their friend with the same code wheel will be able to read!

5. Savage Storms Science Kit (Discontinued)

This science kit will teach your child all about how the weather works and it has some fun science experiments that will help illustrate this.

6. Wooden Cube Puzzle (Discontinued)

These wooden cubes are perfect fidget and travel toys for older kids. Each cube is made up of 27 smaller cubes, attached to each other with elastic string. Once unraveled the challenge is to be able to form them back into the larger cube shape.

7. Origami Small Boxes

Learn how to make origami small boxes by Djeco

Learn how to make origami small boxes by Djeco

Using the art of origami, this kit will teach you how to fold the beautiful paper to make 24 small paper boxes.

8. Magnetic Putty Peeps (Discontinued)

By the time your child reaches this age, they should be responsible enough to have putty and not destroy the house with it. Putty Peeps is great for creative kids and kids who love sensory toys. Mould the putty into shapes and characters over and over. There’s hours of fun to be had from one small tub. The added scientific benefit from this version is that it’s magnetic so your child can use the magnet to pull and lift the putty. The final benefit is that it’s also currently reduced by 25%!

9. Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Science Kit

Crystal Growing Science Kit

Learn all about how crystals are formed and even grow your own crystal with this fun little science kit.

10. Tangrams

Djeco Tangram Puzzles

Djeco Tangram Puzzles

These fun puzzles center around seven wooden shapes. The aim is to be able to form the images on the cards using all of the seven shapes correctly.

11. Wooden Sudoku Board Game

Wooden Sudoku Board Game from Small Foot Design Toys. Wood sourced sustainably

Wooden Sudoku Board Game from Small Foot Design Toys. Wood sourced sustainably

Sudoku is a maths game where you need to place each number in a box so that the numbers 1-9 are in a row, a column and a square. This wooden version can be used over and over by just taking out the numbers and starting again.

12. The Lie Detector Science Kit

Lie Detector Science Kit

Lie Detector Science Kit

This science kit will teach you how to make your own lie detector and use it so you know when someone is lying or telling the truth!

13. Tractor in a Tin (Discontinued)

This metal construction kit has all the pieces and the tools to build your very own model tractor. Perfect for minds that love engineering.

14. Microscope Set with Light (Discontinued)

This microscope will allow your child to see details in small items.

15. Junior Metal Puzzles

retro metal puzzles

retro metal puzzles

This gift box has 4 metal puzzles designed with this age group in mind.

As much as I would love to feature all my STEM toys for children aged 10 and older here, it’s not possible. However, if you haven’t found what you are looking for, check out my pages that feature toys for each age group here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. You might be surprized to know that all these toys cost less than €20 and half of them cost less than €10. Buying good, educational toys doesn’t have to burst the bank and you are investing not only in entertaining your child but also in their home education through play.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

xx Suzie

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