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4M Toys and Kits for Children

4M Toys and Kits for Children

Who are 4M?

4M is a British company that was established in 1993. Since then the company has grown in size and reputation. Known to produce top quality science kits and creative kits for older children – these products won’t disappoint you!  4M kits are fast becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creative games and craft kits for curious kids that promote education. The brand is dedicated to developing exciting products that enhance and inspire children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to be creative.

As an organisation, 4M are totally committed to the products that they supply and always look to improve when delivering on promises of quality and fun. 4M regularly receive awards worldwide for both science and craft products. In 2011, the Solar Robot was awarded as one of the Best New Toys 2011. 4M truly care about the environment and are delighted to use premium packaging that is almost entirely PVC free. To encourage environmental awareness among the children who enjoy our creative craft products, they have included a wide variety of recycling tips in products that they can use and share with others.

What kind of toys and kits do 4M make?

Science kits. These generally fit into a few sub-catagories which 4M call KidzLabs, Science Museum and Green Science. Examples of KidzLabs science kits are the type of science experiments that you would do in school – only you can now do them at home too. Just like the Lemon Clock and  the extremely popular Volcano Making Kit. Science Museum kits include the doodling robot and Green Science kits tend to either promote renewable energy (like the Solar Mechanics Kit ) or use recycled materials (like the Soda Can Robug )

–  Fun Mechanics introduce basic mechanics to children as young as 6. These kits often involve making different types of robots like  the brush robot.

Creativity Kits. Again, they have sub divided there kits into several catagories but the main one is Green Creativity. These kits focus on using recycled materials to make nice toys and gifts and include the Recycled Paper Bead Kit. Other craft kits include their quality knitting, crochet and weaving kits and their Mould and Paint kits.

How much do these 4M kits cost?

Considering the quality of the kits, it’s surprising that most of them cost less than €20 and some even retail for less than €10

What educational value do 4M kits have?

– The Green Science and Green Creativity Kits teach children to be green, about sustainability and the concept of renewable energy.

– The also produce history kits for children like the Dinosaur excavation kits

– They introduce science and mechanics to Primary school aged children.

– The creative kits encourage imagination, fine motor skills and concentration.

I think you’ll agree that after you have purchased one 4M kit, you and your child will be coming back for more. They are fun, practical and priced just right. They are the kind of kits that you (or other adults in your child’s life) will really enjoy doing with them.

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