Sewing Kits for Kids

Sewing Kits for Kids
Update : When I first wrote this blog, I stocked seven different sewing kits for kids. However, it appears that the demand has decreased and 5 of these kits have now been discontinued. Here’s what I still sell….

  1. Make your own Sock Dino

Make your own Sock Dino Sewing project for children

This kit comes with a pair of socks, thread, stuffing, a needle and buttons. The instructions guide you on how to cut the socks and sew them so that you get a dinosaur toy. It’s hard enough so it’s only really suitable for older children or for younger children with parents who are happy to help.

2.  Make your own Scary Monster

Make your own Scary Monster sewing kit for children

Make your own Scary Monster is a gorgeous first sewing project for children aged 6+. This is made by the same company as the Sock Dino and again, it isn’t the easiest craft but the results are lovely. The felt pieces are pre-cut but they don’t have punched holes for sewing the way some sewing kits for kids would have.

I hope this has given you a taste of what sewing projects are out there for children. I have found, in the past, that sewing projects have gone down really well in our house and we have done both of the above kits. They take time and concentration to do but the result gives a tremendous amount of pride and delight. These kits make great birthday presents and are fun to do with your child. They are great for developing fine motor skills and following instructions.

Hopefully over time, I’ll be able to source some new kits to add to my range.

xx Suzie


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