Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Gift Ideas

I’m not sure if you’re like me and you don’t know what is really expected from you when you are invited to a Christening/ Baptism/ Dedication/ Naming Service? Being an aunt to 6 young children and having lots of friends who are having babies, I encounter this question regularly. And, believe it or not, owning a toy shop, doesn’t make it any easier to decide what to give. Of course, you could opt to give money but I like the idea of giving a toy that will last and that will always be remembered as “the toy that I got from xxx when I was Christened.” So, here are some gorgeous toys that would make gorgeous baptism  or naming service gifts, starting with the most expensive.

Melissa and Doug Fold an Go Dollhouse

Although the child will be too young to play with this at this stage, they will grow into it and get may years of play out of it. If a dolls house isn’t appropriate, then maybe the child would like a wooden farm.

Le Toy Van Wooden Doctor's Set

There’s so much play value in a imaginary play set like this doctors set and because it’s wooden, it will last. I also stock a lovely tool case that would make a great gift.

Wooden Rainbow from Small Foot Design Toys

This open ended play toy will look great displayed in a child’s bedroom and also will provide so many different uses in play.

Le Toy Van Noah's Ark

This lovely wooden ark doubles as a shape sorting activity where you have to fit the wooden animals through the right shaped holes to get them into the ark.

Baby Hand Print Kit

This kit comes with child safe clay to make a imprint of a baby’s hand and foot that can be kept forever.

Of course, not everyone wants or can give a large gift like the ones above. Here are some ideas that cost between €10 and €25.

  1. A wooden pull along toy like Luhna the dog, Peter Rabbit or a Snail.
  2. A wooden stacking toy.
  3. A rainmaker rattle.
  4. A fair trade crochet rattle like these turtles, crabs, octopi and koalas.
  5. A Babybobi Teething Ring.

If all these gifts are out of your budget and you just want to give a small gift worth €10 or less to mark the occasion, can I recommend these gorgeous Heimess Wooden Touch Rings or a Pebble Crocheted Rattle.

I hope this blog has helped you when it comes to choosing a unique Christening Gift and has maybe sparked some ideas that you can follow up on. I’d love to hear what some of your favourite Christening gifts were and some ideas of what you have given as Christening Gifts, so please comment below this blog and then we can all benefit from your experiences too. If you haven’t found anything in my suggestions above, you might want to check out my full range of baby and toddler gifts here.

And, once the gift is purchased, all you have to do now, is sit back and enjoy the occasion!


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May 19, 2016

As christenings are a very meaningful occasion in a new baby’s life, christening gifts are often given for their symbolism and meaning. Your blog has given great ideas about christening gifts.

May 19, 2016

Thanks for your kind words

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