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5 Inspiring Kinetic Sand Creations

5 Inspiring Kinetic Sand Creations

As many of you know, my family are big kinetic sand fans and with mid term approaching, I decided to spend a little while looking online for some new ideas of things to do with our kinetic sand. I thought I’d share my top 5 inspiring kinetic sand creations that I’ve come across….

  1. This was my favourite kinetic sand creation that I came across. My children are too little to master this one, but it’s something I think hubby and I would enjoy doing.

2. I really love this simple idea and I think that over midterm, I’ll print off some patterns from the internet, and get my kids to try and master them with kinetic sand. Alternatively, if you already own a pattern block and board set, you could try and copy some of those designs using kinetic sand.

3. In the past, we have chosen an object, and each one of us have tried to make that object. For example, an octopus. Then we check out each other’s octopuses! If you have Pictionnary /Tintastic Scribble you could use these cards to choose objects to mould and make a game  out of it.

4. I thought this was a very clever idea and one which I will definitely try out with my family over mid-term.

5. Finally, the fifth kinetic sand creation that I really liked was the traditional sand castle. Whether you have a sand castle mould (from times on the beach) or the Kinetic Sand Castle Moulds, hours could be spent perfecting your castle

I hope this blog has inspired you with some new ideas of what do to with your kinetic sand and if you ever take photos of what you’ve made, please share them with me. I’d love to see them!

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