The 6 Best Selling Toys in 2016

Best Selling Toys in 2016
Happy New Year. I hope it’s started well for you all. I’ve had a really lovely start – super relaxing! But, I felt it was time to do some work again and what’s nicer than to reflect back on a great year of toy sales. 2016 was my second full year in business and I’m really happy with the direction  my business is going in. So, are you interested in hearing what the 6 Best Selling Toys on were?

Drum roll please……..

The 6 Best Selling Toys in 2016

No. 1: Flying Gliders

Flying gliders retro pocket money toys

At just €1 each, Santa stocked up on hundreds of these to put into children’s stockings. Also, throughout the year, they were purchased regularly for birthday party bags.

No. 2 : Yoyos

Wooden Yoyo by GOKI toys

You’d be surprized at how many pre-school children ask Santa for a yoyo. Both my children did. For a good while, I wondered where they had got the idea of a yoyo, considering they were too young to master the art of it. Only recently, I was watching a Christmas episode of Peppa Pig and discovered that Peppa asked Santa for a yoyo. The ones I stock are beautiful little wooden ones.

No. 3 : Kaleidoscopes

Goki - Toy Kaleidoscope, pocket money toys

These are cute little tough cardboard kaleidoscopes. I stock them in three different colours, which are equally popular.

No. 4 : The Whoopee Cushion

Self Inflating whoopee cushion

The perfect gift for a trainee practical joker! I find that people will often add one of these in with an order of wooden toys.

No. 5 : Paper Swords

Fling it paper swords, pocket money toys

These are cheap and cheerful toys. Learn to flick them correctly and meters of paper will fly out and then recoil back in.

No. 6 : Finger Monsters

Finger monsters pocket money toys fidgets

These cute little guys fit on your fingers and are sold individually. Their arms are super stretchy and they wobble and are just pure fun. They are great all year sellers as ‘fidget toys’.

One thing that all these toys have in common are that they all cost less than €3 each and that’s why I think they are my best selling toys in 2016. Often people will buy more than one or one will be added to a cart to bring the cart over the threshold to get the cheaper delivery rate. Either way, they are all lovely toys.

Still, I feel like they are surprising best sellers. I sell a lot of wooden toys, Djeco and Melissa and Doug toys and none of them get into the top 6, as I’m not selling 100s of one specific toy. I think to be fair, I’ll follow up this blog over the coming weeks with some blogs on my Best Selling Melissa and Doug Toys. So, if you’re interested in these, please revisit my blog.

Happy New Year,

xx Suzie

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