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Birthday party Ideas
It’s very popular to  go somewhere liking bowling or a trampoline park to celebrate your child’s birthday with their friends but many people can’t afford these kind of birthday parties and many like the idea of hosting a birthday party at home. After all, it’s how we celebrated most of our birthdays when we were kids and you probably have lots of fond memories of them.
If you are looking for some fun craft activities or party games for your DIY party, here are some that I am happy to recommend.
The Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Keyrings is a pack of 6 blank scratch art rectangles which fit into the keyrings once a design has been scratched into them. It even comes with six styluses so that all the kids can work at the same time. Since the craft is small, you don’t need a very large table for everyone to work together and the keyrings can be popped into the party bags before the kids go home. I think this would suit children aged 6 and over.

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Key Rings - Party Pack

If the party is for younger children, I’d recommend the  Jungle Mosaic Masks. The are really nice. Each child can work on their own mask and they can bring them home afterwards. There are 8 masks in the pack.

Djeco - Make your own Mosaic Masks

For my 6 year old’s birthday, I did tattoos on them and gave a few tattoos in the going home bag for the children to use later. I stock lots of different types including unicorns, glow in the dark space, heroes vs villains, weather emojis, animals, dinosaurs and sweet mimi. Each pack has 50 tattoos which are easy to separate as they have perforated lines. . It was much easier than face painting (which I’ve attempted a couple of times). I gave each child a tattoo and a baby wipe and showed them how to do it by taking the top cover off the tattoo and then placing it on skin with the baby wipe on top to wet. The kids loved them.

Djeco Tattoos - Sweet Mimi

I also stock these cool paper plane kits. Each pack has 20 paper planes to fold. Then, you could have paper plane races. Again, once the party is over, they can slip the air-planes into their party bags and it’s one less thing for you to buy!

Janod - Origami Paper Planes

If you don’t fancy having to instruct the kids on how to make paper planes but you like the idea of plane races, I stock flying gliders and unicorn gliders which are very easy to assemble and they race well.
The Origami paper boxes would be a fun activity but I’d recommend it for a small party (maybe 5 or less children) of older children (age 10+). We have used a pack before and the results are gorgeous but they are quite difficult. Make sure you practice making one on your own before the party begins and maybe choose one type of box to master instead of having every child working on a different design at the same time.

Learn how to make origami small boxes by Djeco

Another craft activity that could be shared among guest is foil art. This is a cool craft where you transfer the foil unto the sticky pictures to make really effective shiny pieces of art. I stock the smaller Foil Badges set and the larger Fabulous Foil set. Both are made by Galt.

fabulous foil - galt toys ireland 5

If the children like wooden jewellery, you could make bracelets or necklaces together using the 400 Wooden Bead set or the 450 Wooden Bead Set. They have enough in them to make approximately 8 wooden necklaces/bracelets.

Djeco - 400 Wooden Beads

If you are looking for some help with lots of games and activities, I stock a Pirate Party Pack Kit. It might help reduce the amount of work you have to do.

Djeco Pirate Party Pack

I hope this helps. Feel free to fire back any further questions you have.

Kind Regards,

If you are planning on hosting the birthday party in your home, check out this blog ‘8 Tips for organising a kid’s birthday party at home’


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