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8 Great Outdoor Toys for Summer 2018

8 Great Outdoor Toys for Summer 2018

Last weekend we got our first taste of Summer and wasn’t it lovely? I bet your kids loved going outside and playing. We looked through our box of outdoor toys and gave it a bit of a Spring Clean. Many had not fared well from being left outside all winter and others, the girls had simply outgrown. If you are like us, now is the perfect time to stock up on a few new outdoor toys that will encourage outdoor living over the coming months. Here’s my favourite 8, that I stock.

  1. Sidewalk Chalks

Outdoor toys street chalk, sidewalk chalk, footpath chalk

Let your children get creative on your road with this drum of outdoor chalks. Perfect for little children and older children too. This drum costs €4.99

2. Kites

Outdoor fun, toys pocket kites

These kites are great fun on windy days at the park or beach. They fold up nicely and are light to carry. They cost only €7 each.

3. Marbles

outdoor toys marbles

Set up some fun marble challenges outside. This tub has enough for several children. I also stock nets of marbles

4. Skipping Ropes

Wooden handle skipping rope outdoor toys

These pink ones with heart designs cost only €6.50

5. Juggling Balls

juggling balls outdoor toys

There’s no better time to learn how to juggle than in the summer when you can practice outside! This set of 3 balls costs €5.50

6. Water Balloons

water bombs outdoor fun and games

Be prepared for the next hot day with some of these water balloons. They are quick and easy to fill and they seal themselves! Great value at just €2.99

7. Trucks and vehicles

Bruder Outdoor Toys

Bruder Trucks and Vehicles are sturdy enough for outdoor play. Perfect if you have a sand pit or enjoy visiting the beach. Prices start from €16.99

8. French Skipping Ropes

French skipping Ropes outdoor play

Toys like french skipping ropes encourage children to play with other children and teaches them how to take turns.

If you like these, you’ll like my full range of outdoor toys.

Now roll on some sunshine and warmth!!

xx Suzie


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