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9 Travel Toys for Preschool Aged Children

9 Travel Toys for Preschool Aged Children

A good customer sent me this message last week and I thought I’d reply here so that more people can benefit.

We have a couple of breaks away planned in May, & must get some travel toys for L. What would you recommend? The gifts in a tin? Or have you other good travel toys as well?

If you are going somewhere that has a pool, can I recommend you pick up a few fun water toys? These squirty bath toys are cheap and cheerful but lots of fun.


Melissa and Doug have a range of travel activities called ‘On the Go’. Most are aimed at school-aged children, however, the Water Wow is great for children approximately 3 years and over. It comes will a brush that you fill with water and then they brush over the pictures in the pad and the colour changes from white to different colours. There are two great things about these pads. The first is that after a few minutes,  it returns to a black and white picture and so it can be ‘painted’ over and over again. The second is that it’s light and the brush doesn’t leak, so it’s mess-free and it’s easy to slip into your bag and produce when you want a peaceful cup of tea in a coffee shop with your other half! I stock several different ones of these, so if you have more than one child, you can get different ones for each of them!

Melissa and Doug on the go water wow farm

Melissa and Doug on the go water wow farm

The Djeco Duo two-piece puzzles come in sturdy boxes with a carry handle, so they are easy to bring with you where ever you go. Again, I’ve several different designs in these puzzles.

Djeco Duo Puzzles Mum and Baby

2 piece jigsaw puzzles for toddlers

This  Mosaic Vehicles Set from Janod is also great for travelling with and is suitable for this age group.

Janod Vehicle Mosaic Craft

You can’t go wrong with a colouring book or drawing pad and some crayons. These Djeco double ended crayons are thick enough that they are hard to break and they are chunky enough for small hands to hold and use.

Here’s hoping you get great weather while you are away. These pocket kites are really light and don’t take up much space. Pre-school aged children may find it hard to get the kite up in the air (but that won’t stop them from trying!) and it’s a great family activity to do on a beach.

Pocket Kite

Pocket Kite

If you don’t mind giving your child your phone or tablet while you are away, then I’m happy to recommend these 4D+ alphabet flashcards.  You can use them without a device to learn letters and sounds but if you put the free app on your device, then your child can watch the characters move and turn into 3D.

As you can see, all these toys that I have recommended cost less than €15 and even having one or two new toys for holidays will add some delight to your child’s trip and hopefully give you some time ‘off’ and some quality time as a family.

Have a great trip,

xx Suzie

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