8 Art and Craft Activities for Boys

8 Art and Craft Activities for Boys

The summer holidays are just around the corner and I know we are all hoping for gorgeous weather, but the reality is that we live in Ireland! This means, that we’ll have more than our fair share of rainy days. If you have boys in your house, what do you do on such days? Give them extra TV time? Put on their wellies and send them out? Or take out the trusted old puzzles, lego and kinetic sand? Whatever you do, I thought I’d show off some of the arts and crafts that I have that are designed with boys in mind in case you feel like stocking up in preparation for that rainy day!

  1. Wood Craft Pack

Wood Craft Pack

This wood craft pack allows for open ended creativity as your child decides what to make from the different sized and shaped pieces of wood. It coms with some stickers and wood glue.

2.Animal Origami

Make your own Origami Animals with this kit from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

This set comes with lots of coloured paper and instructions on how to fold it so that it looks like animals.

3.  Make your own Scribbling Robot Kit 

The Science Club - Scribble Bot

Sometimes it’s hard to draw a line between what is art and craft and what is mechanical/science/engineering and this kit falls into that category. This kit has everything you need to create your own robot. Attach the colouring pencils and turn it on. It vibrates/moves in circles making gorgeous patterns which your child can later colour, if they choose. I’d recommend this kit for children aged 8+ but I think adults would enjoy it too.

4. A Larger Woodwork Set for children

Woodwork Set for Children from SES Creative Carbon Neutral Toy

Make your own woodwork creations with this woodwork set from SES Creative. It comes with varying sizes of wooden pieces, a hammer, a safety hand, wood glue, nails and construction ideas.

5. Airflow Art

Airflow Art Blow Painting Set

This art set involves pushing air through pens to move the ink onto the paper. This set is the Wildlife Set. The effect is like spray painting.

6. Make your own Cup Coaster

DIY Boat Coaster

Choose between the Sailing Boat Coaster or the Rainbow Coaster – these little craft sets will keep your child busy. Simply stick down the tiles onto the adhesive mat and fill the gaps with plaster. It’s easy and the results look great!

7.  Melissa and Doug Build your own Birdhouse 

Melissa and Doug Build your own Birdhouse Woodwork Set for Children

Introduce your child to woodwork with this really simple but effective birdhouse to build. The pieces are already cut out so all it involves is nailing it together and painting it. For children aged 5+. If you like this woodwork set, you’d probably also like the Create an Insect Hotel set.

8. PlayMais – Little Zoo

PlayMais - Little Zoo

This craft is designed for pre-school aged children. Simply select the correct coloured corn balls, dampen them slightly and they will stick to the picture board to make 3D pictures. I also stock a big drum of Play Mais and a similar box of Little Forest pictures.

I could go on and on with lots more art and craft activities for boys but I’m going to leave it here. I have written a similar blog with art and craft kits for girls here too. If you wish to check out my full range of art and craft kits, you’ll find a lot more that suit both boys and girls of all ages.

Let’s hope we don’t have too many of those rainy days this summer but if we do, let’s be prepared!

xx Suzie

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