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5 Birthday Present Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

5 Birthday Present Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

I received this text yesterday and I thought I’d share my answer, in case more of you are in similar situations.

“Hi Suzie. I’m looking for your advice, please. We need to buy a birthday present for our niece, who is turning 7. She is into girlie stuff (makeup, jewelry etc) and craft stuff. Can you recommend something from your shop that we can buy? It needs to be light as we’ll be posting it to the UK. We are looking to spend €15-€20. Thanks”

Here’s what I replied:

Hi Mairead,

Thanks for your inquiry. I have two girls aged 6 and 7 who constantly want things from my shop so this is easy to answer. My eldest is quite girly, while my youngest is what I would consider more rounded. In a sense, it’s a shame you need this order immediately, as I have just made some large orders of new stock for Christmas, but I still have lots that I can recommend from what I have in stock.

  1. Make your own Paper Beads

If your niece likes jewelry and crafts then this kit will please both pleasures. It includes a contraption which you screw onto the top of an empty drink bottle. Then you cut strips of paper and use the device to make beads. The set comes with some lovely paper and once this is all used up, you can use magazines, newspapers or any paper you find around the house to make more beads. It’s really easy to do and the beads are gorgeous.

2. My Fairy Garden – Magic Bean Pot

Any of the My Fairy Garden products are light and fun. This one is the smallest one for sending abroad. It comes with a plastic pot, a fairy called Hope and a bean seed for you to plant. It can be kept indoors or outdoors, although, at this time of year, I’d recommend you keep it indoors. It’s less than what you’d like to spend, so if you choose this and you want to bulk up the present, I’d recommend some of the GoGoPo Stationary.

3.  Djeco Step-by-Step Drawing

Both my girls love this set which includes step by step illustrations on how to draw certain items be it an animal, princess, castle (to name a few). It comes with a white board and wipe able pen to practice drawing with.

4. Shrinkles Princess Fairytales

We opened a pack of these over the summer holidays and the girls had a great time cutting them out, colouring them in and watching them shrink in the oven. Then they made them into magnets and keyrings.

5.  Glitter Tattoos

When my girls get to choose birthday presents for their friends, they nearly always want to give a set of these glitter tattoos. They are really easy to use and they are much more effective/impressive than the paper ones that you wet.

Like  I say, if you’d had another week before having to send this present, there would be a few more items that I would add to this list, like the large Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Set and this Spiro Art Pad and Accessories. But sure, Christmas is just around the corner!!

Thanks again for your inquiry and I hope this helps with your choice.

xx Suzie

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