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4 Birthday Present Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

4 Birthday Present Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

I only have two girls, so I know what kinds of toys girls up to the age of 8 generally like, but when it comes to buying birthday presents for boys, I really struggle. I know a lot of the time, boys and girls enjoy the same toys but often they don’t. My friend has two boys and she has the same problem – only she doesn’t know what 6-year-old girls really like. Her son is going to a girl’s birthday party this weekend and she texted me for some ideas.

Since I was replying by text and I felt she didn’t want to have to choose from 10 items, I ruled it down to 4 things for her.

  1. A jewellery box.Musical Jewellery Boxes
  2. These musical boxes are just gorgeous and most 6 year old girls would love one to keep their treasures in. They are clockwork so no batteries are needed. I stock a Ballerina one, a Princess one and a Space one.
  3. Fab Lab Glitter TattoosBy the time your child has turned 6, they are probably getting slightly bored of the regular temporary tattoo where you dampen the back of the tattoo, hold in place and count to 30 to see it transfer from the paper to your skin. (However, they probably wouldn’t turn it down either). These glitter tattoos are the next level up. There’s 27 sticky stencils that you stick onto your skin. Then, you paint glue that’s safe for the skin onto the stencil area and sprinkle the glitter (the kit comes with 4 different colours) over. Peel the stencil off and you have a really pretty glitter tattoo. These kits cost €12.99
  4. Mess-Free Glitter Foam Stickers    In some schools the whole class gets invited to every child in the classrooms birthday parties. This can be super expensive if you have to buy 29 birthday presents during one year (never mind having to take your turn in hosting a birthday party for 30 children!) These mess-free glitter stickers are priced really well at €7.49 and they really are mess free. You peel off the top layer of the sticker to reveal a sticky surface. Then you place the glitter paper on top, rub it to transfer the glitter from the paper onto the sticker surface. You can use multiple coloured glitter sheets on each sticker and you have stickers to decorate books, walls, cards etc with at the end.
  5. A Lottie Doll   If the girl likes dolls you can’t go wrong with a Lottie Doll. These dolls come from Irish company Arklu and are top quality and fun to play with. They cost from €19.99.

I could go on with loads of more suggestions, but these currently would be my top 4. If you don’t find something here, check out the full range of toys for 6-year-olds on my website.

Now, if anyone would like to write a blog with ideas for 6-year-old boys, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Shopping,


PS. If the child is slightly younger, here’s a link for a blog I wrote last year with gift ideas for a five-year-old.


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