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Boys Toys Ireland

Boys Toys Ireland

When I opened my online children’s toy shop nearly 3 years ago now, I was determined not to categorize my toys into gender specific toys. After all, brothers and sisters play with each other’s toys all the time and enjoy them and most of the toys I stock, I think most boys and girls would love to play with. However, having said this there are certain genres of toys that most boys will be drawn towards. In this blog, I’ve broken this down into 5 types of boys toys.

  1. Balls

One of my good friends has 3 older girls and a toddler boy. Her house was full of pink toys. She’s a ‘no nonsense’ kind of person’, who wouldn’t just buy more toys because they are the wrong colour and wouldn’t have a problem with her son playing with pink coloured toys. However, even before he turned one, she was amazed at how all he wanted to play with were balls. It didn’t matter what size or colour. He just loved sending it away and getting it back. I don’t stock many balls on my website but I do have this really lovely baby ball which is soft, colourful and has a rattle in it.

Boys toys Ireland baby toys soft ball

  1. Dinosaurs

I’ve heard it said that little girls learn to speak quicker while little boys make noises better. My nephew can make fantastic ‘vrmm’ and ‘Rrrrroar’ noises. He doesn’t even notice that he’s doing it as he’s playing with his toys. Personally, I don’t see what the fascination with dinosaurs is but they are certainly great selling toys. So, much so, that I have a whole section on my website with dinosaur themed toys in it.

boys toys ireland dinosaur hatching eggs

  1. Cars and Vehicles.

Unlike dinosaurs, I do get how fun can be had playing with cars and I’ve no problem getting down on my knees and moving cars around on play road rugs/mats. I particularly love wooden vehicles like the Melissa and Doug Car Transporter and Magnetic Car Loader. These make great gifts for younger boys. What I love about cars, is that they don’t have to be huge or expensive. Little boys will be happy to move a model car like these mini cooper ones up and down a table in a coffee shop. They generally don’t need more than one (although I have discovered that my nephew loves nothing more than a good imaginary car crash) and they are easy to carry in your handbag or baby bag. Of course, it is possible to spend a lot more on bigger vehicles for a birthday present or a Christmas present. I love the Le Toy Van Fire Engine. I have a whole section on my website for cars, trains, and planes so if you are searching for one of these boys toys, you can narrow your search down on this page.

Boys Toys Ireland Cars Le Toy Van Grande Garage

  1. Tools and Mechanics.

Whether you are looking for a tool set for a one-year-old or an eight-year-old, I have a good selection to meet ability. They look like the real thing and often work just like the real thing. As your boy gets older, I’ve mechanical kits that help you make your own robots, calculators, bedroom alarms and much more.

boys toys ireland wooden tools belt

  1. Farmyard toys.

I’ve only recently started adding to this genre of toys. I hadn’t realised how popular farmyard toys are for both boys and girls. I guess little people just like acting like the grown ups around them and Ireland is still quite an agricultural country. While girls seem to choose more horse style farmyard toys, boys seem to prefer tractors and mym animals. I hope to add to my range of farmyard toys over the coming years.

boys toys ireland farm animals barn


I hope you haven’t found this blog too general and that if you are looking to buy a gift for a boy in your life, that it has helped spark some ideas as to what toy to buy them.

Xx Suzie

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