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6 Christening Gift Ideas

6 Christening Gift Ideas


Hi there I was looking for something for a baby girl for her christening. I have searched your website but can’t quite see anything. I wanted a special wooden toy or gift but was looking to spend 30 euro or so I know this may not be enough .do you have any suggestions? Thank you

Thanks for your message and sorry it has taken me so long to spot it. I love getting questions like this and regularly, I’ll post my answers up on a blog so it helps other people looking for similar things. Most toys are certified for children aged 3+ (to mainly protect the producer, in case a child swallows a small part and the parent makes a claim). This means that toys that are designed with younger children in mind are placed in my ‘age 3+ category’. If you saw these toys in a toy shop, you probably wouldn’t see the age restriction and you’d buy it. Anyway, although the child is small now, I think you’re looking for a keepsake type of toy that she will play with for some time?
The wooden pull along toys are very popular and durable and are perfect for children who push toys around the floor and crawl after them. When they are a little older, they can walk and pull them behind them. Since they are wooden, they are the kind of toys that once the child has finished playing with them, they will be put in the attic for the next generation. I stock Luhna the Dog, Peter Rabbit and a Snail.

Wooden Pull Along Snail from Goki Toys

If you’re thinking of something that she can enjoy straight away, these crocheted baby turtle rattles are so cute and they come with fair trade certification. I also stock a crab and octopus version of this toy. Or, if you’re looking for a wooden rattle, this BabyBobi one and this Koala one are lovely.

Crocheted Turtle Rattle from Pebble Baby Gifts

Another lovely keepsake toy that she will grow into, but which isn’t wooden, are musical jewelry boxes. I have three designs (Princess, Ballerina and Rocket), all made by Djeco. This is something that she will grow into and will love and will be reminded that you gave it to her on that special day.

Princess Musical Box for children, Jewellery Box by Djeco

If you are thinking of an educational toy that she will grow into sooner, the Wooden Rolling Shape Sorter is lovely, as is the Rainbow Stacker. She might enjoy watching and listening to a Rainmaker Rattle. They can be really mesmerizing for both children and adults!

Wooden Rolling Shape-Sorting Toy

Or, how about buying her her first wooden tea set . Again, she may not appreciate it now (to be fair, she probably won’t appreciate anything you buy her at this age unless it’s a Lega or Rusk!) but it’s a toy that she will grow into. My girls are 6 and 7 years old and they still play with their play food regularly.

Wooden Tea Set from Small Foot Design Toys

Finally, these Handprint Kits are lovely and if her parents do it with her, she’ll be able to look back and see what size her hand and foot were when she was christened.

Baby Hand Print Kit

Baby Hand Print Kit

Sorry again for taking so long to reply. I hope you find the perfect gift, either from me or elsewhere.

Kind Regards,

PS. If you found this blog good but you were looking for Christening gifts that cost a little more, you might like this blog – 5 Christening Gift Ideas.

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