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Christmas Opening Hours and Delivery Information

Christmas Opening Hours and Delivery Information

With Christmas getting closer and closer, it’s time for me to post up my opening hours! Orders placed before noon on Thursday 20th December should reach their destination on time for Christmas. Orders placed after that won’t be dispatched until Wednesday 2nd January 2019. If you have enquiries regarding my toys or deliveries, please be patient. I will be prioritizing time with my family during this period and will possibly only check and reply to e-mails every other day. Thanks for your understanding.

If your order hasn’t arrived, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to and type in the tracking code that I sent you when I dispatched your order. This will tell you where your order currently is. It could be in the GLS warehouse, in a courier van (in which case, it will probably get delivered that day) or has been delivered (even though you haven’t got it). Here’s what you need to do in each of these cases.
    • If it looks like it’s continually in their warehouse, ring them on 01 8606200 or fill out their online contact form stating clearly your tracking code. Sometimes in their depo, they accidentally cover the delivery address with a delivery sticker, so give them your full address again and your phone number and hopefully you’ll get your order asap.
    • If it’s in the courier’s van, then you can either be patient and see if it arrives that day or you can contact GLS as above and give them directions to your house for the courier, as possibly he just can’t find it. Or, give an alternative address that might be easier for them to find.
    • If it has been delivered (but you haven’t got it), you can put in your postcode into the tracking page and see who has signed for it. It’snot unusual to find your spouses’ name here! It’s a busy time of year and with all the busyness, it can slip their mind that the order has arrived and they have put it away without telling you. If you don’t recognise the name – don’t panic. More often than none, the person who signs for it is a neighbour who will drop it into you over the next few days. If this hasn’t happened, contact GLS and ask them to send their courier to pick it up from where they left it and bring it to you.
  2. Send me an e-mail and let me know that your order hasn’t arrived and I’ll do my best to work on things from this end.

I’m sorry if you are one of the people this happens to. I have found GLS very efficient to work with and it’s very unusual (maybe once a year) that an order doesn’t eventually arrive with my customer.

I wish to take this opportunity now to thank you all for for support over the past year. I am truly blessed to have so many nice and loyal customers. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and that 2019 is a great one for you.

xx Suzie

For more up-to-date Christmas Delivery Information, check out this blog.

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