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Diary of a Hatching Chick!

Diary of a Hatching Chick!

Day 1

hatching egg toy

Hi, I’m chicky and I’m a hatching egg toy. Well, actually, I’m a chick in a hatching egg! I’ve arrived with my owner. She can’t see me and I can’t see her, but we are both excited to meet each other in the coming days.

Day 2

hatching egg toy

She has followed the instructions on my box and put me in a jug of water. I hope she has enough patience to leave me here until my egg cracks naturally!

Day 3

hatching egg toy

I am growing, so my shell has started to crack! I am getting excited about being free and so is my owner, but I have a bit more to grow before I have completely cracked out of my shell.

Day 4

hatching egg toy

Since I’m still covered in water, I’m continuing to grow, which is forcing my shell to crack even more. It won’t be long now until I have completely cracked out of my shell.

Day 5

hatching egg toy

Yippee, I’ve completely hatched out of my shell. The water is a bit murky as my shell has been dissolving in it. Still, I am happy to be out. I hope my owner doesn’t leave me in this jug of water for long. If she does, I’ll continue to grow and I won’t fit out the neck of this jug, so she can play with me.

Day 10

hatching egg toy

You guessed it! She didn’t remove me and I’ve been growing. Today, she poured the water out and tried to lift me out, but I’m bigger than the mouth of the jug. She will have to wait about 10 days for me to shrink back again and fit out. Next time, if she wants to grow me back to this size or even bigger, she should put me in a bowl of water and not a jug!!

Thanks for reading my diary. I’ve loads of other brothers and sisters who are looking for a home to hatch in, so click on the link if you are interested in buying a chick hatching egg of your own!

xx Chicky


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