3 Easter Gift Ideas

3 Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is just around the corner now and it’s becoming more common to give gifts, often instead of a chocolate egg but sometimes with one. I’ve put together a little list of some Easter gift ideas below.

  1. Chick Hatching Eggs

If your child doesn’t like chocolate (or you don’t like giving them chocolate), then these eggs are a perfect alternative. They cost only €4.50 each and come in 4 different coloured eggs. Simply put your egg in a bowl of water and watch and wait. After 12 hours, the shell will start to crack and within 48 hours the (rubber) chick will have out-grown the shell and is a toy your child can continue to play with. I also stock similar Dinosaur Eggs.

Chick Hatching Egg

2. Soft Toys

These soft rabbits are very popular over Easter time as there’s so much talk about the Easter Bunny. This one is called Hobbel and he’s super soft and cuddly with large drooping ears. If you give this bunny to a child, I’m sure he’ll soon become a favourite and I’ve reduced him for the season by 25% to €14.99, so don’t delay, as it’s only while stock lasts!

3. Baby Toys

Most people wouldn’t consider giving a chocolate egg to a baby (unless they think the parent’s will eat it for them). However, if other children in the family are getting gifts, it’s not fair to over look the baby! I stock gorgeous rattles that are soft bunnies. They are made by Ragtales and the boy one is called Alfie while the girl one is called Fifi. They cost €16.99 each

If you don’t feel tied to ‘Bunny’, ‘Chicken’ or ‘Egg’ themed gifts, I’ve a large selection of cheaper toys (priced under €10) or arts and craft kits which will keep your child busy during the school holidays.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter,

xx Suzie

p.s. You can find my range of alternative Easter Eggs here

p.p.s. If you missed my last blog on April Fools Tricks for children, you can read it here.


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