Farm Toys for Boys and Girls

Farm themed toys for boys and girls

It’s the National Ploughing Championships week when lots of boys and girls around Ireland get a renewed interest in farming. Of course, there are lots that are consistent in their love of farming and imaginative play around it. Either way, here’s ten cool farm toys that they might be interested in!

1. Tactile Farm Puzzle

Janod - Farm Animals 20-piece Tactile Puzzle

This giant 20 piece puzzle is a touch and feel farm puzzle. A perfect gift for a young child.

2. A Wooden Tractor

Wooden Tractor Toy from Egmont Toys

This wooden tractor would make a lovely first tractor for a boy or girl.

3. Magnetic Farm Puzzles

Wooden Magnetic Farm Animals from Galt Toys

These chunky two piece wooden puzzles make up farm animals. They stand upright and are held together with hidden magnets. Your child can choose to put the correct head on the body or to mix and match to make funny looking animals. I also sell a very similar version of Magnetic Animals from Janod Toys.

4. Wooden Farm Puzzles

4 wooden farm jigsaw puzzles in a box by Melissa and Doug


This lovely wooden box contains 4 x 12piece wooden farmyard puzzles from Melissa and Doug Toys.

5. Farm Window Stickers

Farm themed window stickers from SES Creative

Have fun creating farm scenes on windows, white boards and mirrors with this Farm Window Sticker Set from SES Creative. The stickers are reusable and they make a great travel activity for children who are sitting beside a window in a car, plane, train or bus.

6. Magic Pictures – Farmyard

Galt - Magic Picture Pad - Farm

This looks like a plain white notebook inside but don’t be deceived. Use a coin to rub over the pages and outlines of farm animals will appear!

7. Soft Teething Book

Teether Soft Book - Farm

This farm themed teething book for babies is gorgeous. Each page features a different farm animal with different textures and sensory items.

8. Giant Floor Puzzle

Galt - Giant Farm Floor Puzzle

This is a 30 piece farm floor jigsaw puzzle. The animals are puzzle pieces on their own too, so they can double as stencils and it helps young children recognise shapes.


9. Farm Balancing Act

HABA - Farm Balancing Act

Being a farmer, can be a bit of a balancing act but this is a different story. The aim of this game is to balance all the wooden farm pieces on the balance board without having bits fall off. The wooden farm characters can be played with in imaginative play without the board too.

10. Water Magic Farm

Water Magic Reveal Pad - Farm

This handy reusable water painting book features pictures of farm machinery, buildings and animals. Paint over them with the magic water brush and images and colours appear. Within a few minutes once the page has dried the images and colours disappear, ready to be ‘painted’ again. It’s mess free and attention grabbing.

If you haven’t found anything that takes your interest here, maybe you’ll find something in my farm toys section of my website. I’ll be adding 5 more farm toys to this section this week too so keep your eyes out for them!

xx Suzie




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