Farm Toys for Boys and Girls

Farm Toys for Boys and Girls

It’s the National Ploughing Championships week when lots of boys and girls around Ireland get a renewed interest in farming. Of course, there are lots that are consistent in their love of farming and imaginative play around it. Either way, here’s ten cool farm toys that they might be interested in!

  1. Build your own Wooden Tractor

Build your own wooden tractor

Use the wooden screw driver to dismandle this wooden tractor and then to remake it. Great for logic thinking and fine motor skills and you have a tractor to play with too!

2. A Wooden Tractor

Wooden Tractor Toy from Egmont Toys

This wooden tractor would make a lovely first tractor for a boy or girl.

3. Magnetic Farm Puzzles

Wooden Magnetic Farm Animals from Galt Toys

These chunky two piece wooden puzzles make up farm animals. They stand upright and are held together with hidden magnets. Your child can choose to put the correct head on the body or to mix and match to make funny looking animals. I also sell a very similar version of Magnetic Animals from Janod Toys.

4. 4 Farm Puzzles in a Box

4 Farm Jigsaw Puzzles in a box from Galt for preschool aged children

This box of farm themed jigsaw puzzles has 4 different puzzles each with a different number of pieces. The first has 4 pieces and they go up to 10 piece puzzles. It would make a lovely gift for a young child.

5. Stringable Farm Beads

Janod - Stringable wooden Farm-Themed Beads

This set of wooden stringable farm beads are made by Janod. The little wooden features can be strung together or played with separately.

6. Shrinkles – Farm Friends 

Farm Friends Shrinkles - Shrinking Plastic Craft Activity

Farm Friends Shrinkles – Shrinking Plastic Craft Activity

Farm Friends Shrinkles

This little set is perfect for a creative kid. Colour in the farm pictures with the colours in the packet. Then cut them out and pop them in the oven (with the help of an adult) for a couple of minutes. They shrink to become much smaller and thicker. Then put them on the counters, colour in the background picture and make your own play with your hand made characters.

7. Farm Observation Puzzle – Discontinued

This lovely jigsaw puzzle has 35 pieces and features a cute farm scene. Around the edges of the puzzle are small items that your child needs to find in the main/centre part of the jigsaw. For children aged 3+

8. Wooden Construction Vehicles

Melissa and Doug Wooden Construction Vehicles

These aren’t solely farm vehicles but many of them can be found on a farm and they can help extend the imagination when playing ‘farm’!

9. Farmyard Peg Puzzle – Discontinued

This large wooden peg puzzle from Melissa and Doug is designed for very little children. It has 3 pieces to put in and out and each of them has a super chunky handle which little hands can manage.

10. Fold and Go Barn 

Fold and Go Barn Farm Toy from Melissa and Doug

Fold and Go Barn Farm Toy from Melissa and Doug

This handy carry along wooden barn opens up so your child can sit and play with the contents. Then close it up and put it away. Inside the barn, there’s seven durable animals and a folding pen. Great for imaginative play.

If you haven’t found anything that takes your interest here, maybe you’ll find something in my farm toys section of my website. I’ll be adding 5 more farm toys to this section this week too so keep your eyes out for them!

xx Suzie



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