Top 10 Play Foods

Top 10 Play Foods
It’s the time of year when lots of little boys and girls are given play kitchens, but a kitchen is never complete without some kitchenware and food, of which my online shop has a large selection. Here are some of my favourites. If you are buying your little one a kitchen this year, maybe you could hint to aunts, uncles, God-parents and grandparents that your little one would like some items that would go well with their kitchen.

1. Wooden Lollipops

6 wooden lollipops from Goki Toys

This is a set of 6 wooden lollipops

2. Wooden Ice-pops

Wooden Ice Lollies, Ice Pops from Small Foot Design Toys

This set of 6 wooden ice-pops comes in a lovely stand.

3. A Wooden Kettle

Wooden Kettle and Mugs - pretend food from Small Foot Design Toys
Wooden Kettle and Mugs – pretend food from Small Foot Design Toys

This Kettle comes with 2 wooden cups and 2 slices of lemon. It’s perfect for pretend play.

4. An Ice-Cream Stand

Ice cream stand

This ice cream stand comes with 15 wooden ice creams and ice-pops!

5. Felt Sandwiches

Melissa and Doug Play Food Set : Felt Sandwiches

Choose between a wrap, a roll, brown bread or white bread and a large section of fillings with this Felt Sandwiches Set from Melissa and Doug.

6. Cutting Food

Wooden Cutting Food from Melissa and Doug Toys

This wooden food set comes with bread, fruit, vegetables and a wooden knife for ‘preparing’ the food.

7. A Wooden Pizza

Melissa and Doug Wooden Pizza

What would you like on your wooden pizza? Choose between mushrooms, peperoni  and peppers or have them all!

8. A Wooden Tea Set

Wooden Tea Set from Small Foot Design Toys

This cute wooden tea set has 2 mugsm 2 tea bags, 2 tea spoons, a tea pot, a plate, a sugar bowl with sugar, a plate and 2 biscuits.

9. Wooden Eggs

Egg box with 4 wooden eggs for pretend play, from Small Foot Design Toys

This box looks exactly like an egg box and inside are four wooden eggs that can’t be ‘cracked’ open to reveal the egg white and yolk.

10. A Porcelain Tea Set

Porcelain tea set for children

How cute is this porcelain tea set? It comes with everything your dolls or teddies will need to have a tea party with you!

I hope this helps to fill your new play kitchen with fun accessories and food. Click on this link to see my full range of kitchen accessories and food .

Happy Shopping,

xx Suzie


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