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Free Educational Toys and Games for Schools and Pre-Schools Promotion

Free Educational Toys and Games for Schools and Pre-Schools Promotion

Last week, I launched my ‘Free Educational Toys and Games for Schools and Pre-Schools’ promotion and I can’t get over how well it has gone down. I’ve had a lot of Montessori teachers contact me for flyers and some Primary School Teachers and hopefully, as word spreads about this promotion, more schools around Ireland will sign up, after all, I am offering free educational toys and games.

As you can see from the front page of the flyer, the way the promotion works is if a customer mentions their nominated school in the comments box, I will give 10% of the value of their order back to their selected school. This will happen in June – which allows schools to promote the deal for the next 10  months. Then, in June, when the deal is over, I will count up all the 10% and send the school a discount code to use on my website to purchase the educational toys and games of their choice from my website.

So, for example, if 10 people purchase from my website and they each spend €70, and they mention, for example ABC Montessori. Then each of those transactions will build up €7 of credit for the school. In June, ABC Montessori will receive a code from me which will allow the to buy €70 worth of toys, which will cost ABC Montessori nothing – but the joy of selecting a range of top quality educational toys!

Now imagine this in a larger scale – ABC Montessori’s parents shopping on my website every time they need to buy a birthday or Christmas present for friends or family. Don’t forget I stock toys and games for all ages, so they could be shopping for a baby present or something to say ‘thanks for having us for a dinner party’. Say each of the 10 parents in the first example also buy 5 presents throughout the year which come to €20 each time.  And, let’s face it, most of us have to buy at least 5 presents thought out the year. Each of those transactions would credit the school €2, which doesn’t sound like much, but if the 10 parents did this, by June it would amount to another €100 credit for ABC Montessori – giving them a total spend of €170. You can buy a lot of toys and games for this!

So, if you haven’t already signed your school up for this promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your school address and how many flyers you’d like.

All the best in building up toy credit in your school,


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