Fun Quirky Stationery for Going Back to School

Fun Quirky Stationery for Going Back to School

I can’t believe that we are already in August! The summer holidays are really flying by and my children are constantly asking me when they can buy their stationery for the next school year! Personally, I hate thinking of it because it makes me feel like I’m wishing away the holidays but I don’t think that’s the case for them. I think they just love stationery.

For us, stationery shopping is a bit easier than for most people, since I own a shop that has a nice selection of school stationery. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Nail Polish Highlighter Pens

Gogopo nailvarnish highlighter pens

These highlighters are made to look like nail varnish and would look so cute for going back to school. If your child likes the idea of stationery that looks like cosmetics, they will like these Lipstick Erasers too.

2.  Jumbo Scented Highlighter Pens

GoGoPo Jumbo Scented Highlighters

Or, if the nail varnish ones aren’t big enough, check out these super sized high lighter pens. Available in 5 colours and sold individually so you only have to buy the colours you like!

3. Unicorn and Pterodactyl Pencils 

Fiesta Toys Unicorn Pencil


Fiesta Toys - Pterodactyl Pencil. Dinosaur Stationery

Having a quirky new pencil for the school year is a must for every pencil case and these wooden topped pencils will go down a treat. I’ve also recently added some really cool fluffy pom pom monster pencils.

4. Glitter Gel Pens

Scentos - 5 Scented Glitter Gel Pens

Scentos - 5 Neon Scented Gel Pens

Younger children probably won’t be allowed these in school but older children will love them for writing or colouring with. The Glitter ones are linked above and here’s the link for the scented neon gel pens.

5. Magic Markers

Magic Markers from Maped Stationery

Your kid will be able to wow all their friends with this set of magic markers. Colour using the marker and then colour over using the white marker to change the original colour to a different one. If your child prefers scents over magic, then this set of 50 Scentos Markers might be right up their street.

6. Big Box of Colours

Djeco big box of colours

Your child may not be able to bring such a huge box of colours into school but having this set at home will make homework a little sweeter!

7. Book of Sticky Notes

Follow Your Dreams - Sticky Notes Book

These books have enough sticky notes to keep you going for the whole school year. Available in ‘I love Unicorns‘. ‘ Rainbows make me Smile‘ and ‘Follow your Dreams‘ styles. If you’d prefer something smaller that will fit in your pencil case, choose between these Bear Sticky Notes or the Ice-Pop ones.

8. Light Up Fluffy Pen

Light up pen

Not only do these cool pens have a pink fluffy/feathering end but when you use them to write, a little light on the tip (underneath the fluff) lights up.

9. Scissors

Children's Scissors

Maped Safety Scissors for toddlers and young children

Choose between the Safety Scissors  for younger children or paper scissors  for older children. These are bound to get used lots in the coming school year.

10. Chunky Crayons

Maped 12 Jumbo Chunky Crayons for small children

These chunky crayons are perfect for pre-school and infant classes. What makes them extra handy, apart from their size which is perfect for small hands. I also stock regular crayons too.

11. UV Spy Pen

Mermaid Spy Pen

I usually try and keep my blog posts down to 10 items but I just couldn’t leave out this really cool UV Light Spy Pen. When you use the pen, you can’t see anything, then use the light that’s built into the lid and the secret message appears. Perfect for sending secret messages to your friends in school!

12. A White Board and White Board Eraser

Magnetic White Board

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to do your rough work on a white board instead of a jotter.

And just one more…

13. A Fluffy Keyring

Adding one of these keychains to your pencil case or school bag will help it stand out among all the other bags.

Well, that’s my favourites. I hope you all have a lovely August and you make the most of the last month of school holidays.

xx Suzie

P.S. If your child concentrates better with some fidget toys, you might find my Fidget Toys suitable for School blog helpful.

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