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Game Review : Bingo

Game Review : Bingo

Update : This game has been discontinued

Game Review: Bingo

Last month we went on holidays and one of the evenings we attended a Bingo night. To say that the children enjoyed it would be an understatement! They loved searching their cards for the numbers that were drawn and the suspense that each one brought, not to mention the competitive edge. When we got home, I decided to look out for a similar Bingo game that we can play at home and I sourced this one!

It comes in four pieces in the box but is easy enough to assemble despite there being no written descriptions. The box has a description on it of how to assemble so make sure you don’t dump the box or rip it open.  Children will need help assembling this game. Once assembled it is sturdy. I don’t think it is made to be dismantled and assembled every time it is being used which means that you can’t store it in its box. My daughter keeps it on her shelf and I quite like that she can see it, as it means she will be reminded to play it regularly!

It comes with 90 balls, each with a number printed on it. I like that they are bright orange, so if they fall on the ground, they are easily identified and not dumped! These are easy to slot into the large, clear ball. Once they are all inside, you turn the handle and one ball is released at a time. It slides down the shoot and then the number is called out and the ball is placed in its place on the board.

Each player has a card with 15 numbers. When a number is called,  if it is on their card, they cover the number with a blue foam counter. The game comes with loads of cards and counters. If you are playing this with a group of kids (or adults), you can give a prize for the first person to cover all the numbers in one row, two rows and then the whole card.

Although it’s very simple, it can take some time for a player to win. This is the number of balls that needed to come out before we had a winner.

This really is a game that the whole family can enjoy or which can be played with a larger group. Perfect for a youth club or classroom.

This Bingo Game costs only €14.99 and I’m happy to recommend it.

xx Suzie

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