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Nature Toys that encourage nature study
The weather is gradually changing for the better, so how can we encourage our kids to spend more time outside? For some, this isn’t a problem but for many parents this is. Toys often help draw kids outdoors. I’ve recently written a blog ” Great Outdoor Toys “. The toys listed in this blog focused mainly on physical exercise outdoors like skipping ropes. Today’s blog is different. My focus is on educational toys that will help your children fall in love with nature. Here’s the nature toys that I stock:

 The World’s Best Bug Viewer

World's Best Bug Viewer Nature Toys

This clear jar has a lid that doubles as a magnifying glass. Simply transfer the little creatures you find into the Bug Viewer (jar) and you’ll be able to examine them much easier. Since it’s a jar, pond and water creatures can also be examined by moving them with some of their water into the jar too.

Wooden Handle Magnifying Glass

Wooden Handle Magnifying Glass

These wooden handle magnifying glasses allow your child to look at nature without removing creatures from their natural habitat.

Terra Kids Exploration Magnifying Glass

Terra Kids - Exploration Magnifying Glass

This is the most impressive bug/nature viewer I have come across. The Terra Kids Exploration Magnifying Glass has two lenses, one on top and one on the side near the bottom. It has a build in mirror, handles and even a belt clip!



If your child does go exploring in woodlands or mountains, it’s very important that they can find their way home. Teach them how to use a compass and make sure they bring it with them.

Build your own Birdhouse

Melissa and Doug Build your own Birdhouse Woodwork Set for Children

If you build your own birdhouse, you are more likely to watch it and learn what birds are coming and going. This simple kit is from Melissa and Doug.

Make your own Insect House

Make your own Insect Hotel from SES Creative. Carbon neutral toy

This is another simple woodwork project that will  encourage your child to look out for insects and bugs in your garden.

Extendable Fishing Nets

Telescopic Extendable fishing net

See what kind of creatures and small fish you can catch with these extendable fishing nets while you’re playing near a river, pond or the sea. I don’t think I need to say this but I’ll say it anyway – always supervise your children when they play near water.

Terra Kids – Cork Boat Kit

Terra Kids - Cork Boat Kit

Find items in nature and then tie them together with the items in this kit to make your very own floating cork boat. This kit is recommended for children aged 8+

Terra Kids Connectors

Terra Kids Connectors - Construction Set Figures

Terra Kids ‘Connector’ Sets have tools and different shaped connectors to encourage your child to make characters using them and things they can find in nature (like sticks, feathers and leaves). They also come with instructions to make 3 different unique projects but obviously this is just a launch pad for all the ideas your child has in their head. I stock them in different sizes – The Starter Kit has 87 pieces, the Construction Kit Figures has 66 pieces, the Construction Kit Animals and the Construction Kit Technology. They are recommended for children aged 8+ and adult help may be needed with this age.

Retro Flower Press

Flower press

Collect flowers and press them for future projects with this Retro Flower Press.

Crab Fishing Lines

Crab fishing line

Have fun catching crabs and releasing them back  with these cool crab fishing lines. They come in lots of different colours.

Buckets and Spades

Scrunch Bucket - Yellow

If you go fishing or crab fishing, you’ll need a bucket to put your catch in before releasing them back. I stock a range of buckets and spades from a company called Scrunch. The buckets are made from silicone so they are light weight, durable and can fold to fit into small bags. I stock them in dusty rose, duck egg blue and yellow.

Watering Can

Scrunch Watering Can - Duck Egg Blue

Encourage your child to take an interest and responsibility to flowers and plants by giving them a watering can. They will love playing with the water and it will hopefully be one less job for you to do!

Although my range is limited, I hope you can find something that will encourage nature studies in your home. Now all we need is for the weather turn and we’ll get to use these fabulous nature toys!

xx Suzie


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