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Get Your Kids Playing Outside – Check Out These Top Nature Toys

Get Your Kids Playing Outside – Check Out These Top Nature Toys

The weather is gradually changing for the better, so how can we encourage our kids to spend more time outside? For some, this isn’t a problem but for many parents this is. Toys often help draw kids outdoors. I’ve recently written a blog ” 8 Great Outdoor Toys for Summer 2018 “. The toys listed in this blog focused mainly on physical exercise outdoors like skipping ropes. Today’s blog is different. My focus is on educational toys that will help your children fall in love with nature.

  1.  The World’s Best Bug Viewer

The worlds best bug viewer nature toys

This clear jar has a lid that doubles as a magnifying glass. Simply transfer the little creatures you find into the jar and you’ll be able to examine them much easier. Since it’s a jar, pond and water creatures can also be examined by moving them with some of their water into the jar. This costs only €4.99

2.  A Retro Flower Press

flower press nature toys

Encourage your children to learn about flowers and preserve them, by pressing them in a flower press. This one costs €7.49

3. Pocket Microscope and Telescope

mictroscope telescope nature toys

There are some animals and insects you just can’t get near before they fly or run away. This handy little microscope and telescope is easy to carry around and costs only €6.99

4. Pocket magnifying glass

nature toys magnifying glass

For just €2.50, you’ll be able to look at the detail of nature using this pocket magnifying glass.

5. Compass


compass nature toy

If your child does go exploring in woodlands or mountains, it’s very important that they can find their way home. Spending €2.50 could make all the difference!

6. Build your own Birdhouse

Build your own birdhouse nature toys

If you build your own birdhouse, you are more likely to watch it and learn what birds are coming and going. This simple kitis from Melissa and Doug. It costs €16.99

7. Make your own Habitats

Whether it’s Ladybirds (€16.99), Spiders (€16.99), Worms (€19.99) or Ants (€19.99) that interest your child, you can help them create a habitat in your own home Then collect some ladybirds/spiders/worms/ants from your garden and observe them in their new habitats.

8.  Make your own Insect House

nature toys

Make your very own insect house with this Gift in a Tin which costs €13.95

9.  Build your own Microscope

Now your child will have no excuse that they can’t see the detail in leaves, bugs and much more. This Microscope kit costs €13.95.

Now, let’s see the weather turn and we’ll get to use these fabulous nature toys!

xx Suzie

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