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Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

If you read my previous blog, you’ll know that my youngest daughter turned five last weekend and we celebrated with a small party at home. She got some really lovely gifts and I thought I’d share some of them with you, in case you are in the position of having to buy presents for 5 year old girls and you don’t know what to get. I hope this blog will give you some ideas…

Art and Craft Stuff

Both my daughters love arts and crafts, so anyone who knows them, knows that it’s a safe bet to purchase this kind of stuff.  She was given mosaic sets similar to these ones, colouring books, activity sticker books, Hama beads, a Mandala, jewel stickers, some cake mix sets and flower and teddy shaped cake tins.

Soft Toys

Before I had a five year old, I would never have dreamt of giving them a soft toy. In my mind, only very small kids liked soft toys. How wrong was I?! Our house is falling down with soft toys and my girls can’t have enough of them! They have a particular thing about Beanie Boos – furry animals with huge eyes made by TY.  These guys come in lots of different sizes. Thankfully, my daughter’s favourite size are the smallest ones because they can attach them to their school bags. I don’t stock them.


I’m not sure when kids start hating gifts of clothes, but it still has to happen in my house. Both my girls love receiving gifts of clothes and the birthday girl got two different outfits, both of which were gorgeous. She also got a gift voucher for Pennys. Some rainy day, we will love going in and she can choose for herself some new clothes with the voucher.

Lottie Doll

My daughters have a nice collection of Lottie Dolls and this birthday, my youngest was given the School Days Lottie. This is perfect for her, as she is starting school this September so we have been able to role play with Lottie – getting her uniform on, travelling to school and what to expect in the classroom.

Pretty Things

Although my five year old isn’t vain (in fact she’s a bit of a tom boy in appearance and her favourite colour is blue), she still loves getting pretty things. She received a make-up box, lots of children’s make up (lip balms, nail varnish etc), hair accessories, necklaces, a pretty glasses box and an Anna dress (from Frozen).

Gift Ideas for 5 year old girls

She loved all her presents. I know every five year old is different and what my daughter likes might be completely different from what another five year old likes. Still, I hope this helps in a small way, if you’re struggling to decide what to buy a 5 year old girl. Don’t forget to browse my site too – you can search under age (3-5 year olds) or type (eg arts and crafts) or brands (Melissa and Doug). Next day delivery is only €2 when you spend €25 or more – making shopping at cheaper and easier than visiting a toy shop.

xx Suzie

P.S. As always, I’d love you to comment below and let me know what the 5 year old girls in your life love to receive….



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