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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

If you visit my shop, you will see a selection of boy’s Halloween costumes but very few for girls.  I refuse to sell ‘sexy costumes’ for little girls and can’t compete selling Disney Princess dresses, so most of my stock is aimed for little boys. My current favourite costume is the Melissa and Doug Fire Fighter Costume that comes with all the necessary accessories!

Or, if you’re working on a budget, why not dress your kid up as a Pirate? I stock a Pirate Hat for €4 and an eye patch for €1. Simply dress it up with an oversized shirt and belt or stripy top and an old pair of tracksuit bottoms (If you aren’t planning on using them again, you could cut them so that they have a jagged edge and are about calf length). Then get your child to make a sword using cardboard and tin foil and you’re sorted. A fab little costume on a budget.

My nephew, who is two, had his first Fancy Dress Party yesterday and he dressed up as a very cute Bob the Builder. It was an easy outfit for his mum to organise (she has a newborn baby too). He simply wore a pair of dungarees, a checked shirt and a hard hat and carried some of his play tools.

Older children can be a bit more fussy about what they wear and want to go all out to have the best costume. Sometimes, you can get away with less effort on the costume, if you make a good effort with the face painting. I also stock a Snazaroo Face Painting Palate and if you are looking for tips and ideas regarding face painting, youtube will be able to help you.  Here’s a sample one for Spiderman

I stock some other cool dress up/Halloween costumes for kids here.

As you get ready for Halloween, don’t forget to put safety measures in place and don’t eat too much of your children’s treats!!!


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