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Why I love games!

Why I love games!

I was browsing through a toy catalogue last week, putting together a new order of toys and I came across a retro toy that flooded me with memories. It was a plastic version of Beetle Drive. My aunt, who has now passed away, owned it. About twice a year, my family would go and visit her in Northern Ireland.We would stay with her for a few nights and every evening, she would encourage us to go up to her spare room. In that room, she had a kidney-bean shaped vanity table, with a mirror on top. Around the table was a curtain and behind that curtain was a treasure trove of games. My siblings and I would look in delight at the choice and pull out a few of our favourites – matching pairs, beetle drive, Cleudo, Happy Families…. While our parents got to sit back and soak in a bit of peace, my aunt would spend (what seemed like) hours playing with us – well past our bedtime. And, we loved it!

In those days, we only had 2 channels on our tv back in Co.Wicklow, but up, at my aunts house, she had numerous channels and even a much-desired Video player. Still, there was nothing nicer than sitting on our knees on chairs around her big dining room table, eagerly waiting our turn in the game.

I remember she loved jigsaws too and she allowed us to join in and help her.

She passed away a few years ago, but she instilled in me a love for games, that I don’t think I’d have if she hadn’t invested the time to play with us. It’s something I want to instill in my girls – to pass on. So, when my 3-year-old goes to bed each night, I let my 5 year old choose a game and together we sit down and play until it’s her bedtime (and often past it, if she’s lucky!) It’s precious time and we both love it!

I love games and I hope the selection that I’ve chosen to sell, will help your love for them grow too!

If you’d like to read more about me and my small shop, you can find it on the ‘About Me’ page.

My aunt was a bit like a grandparent figure in my life. If you are a grandparent, you might enjoy reading this blog ‘Toys for Granny and Grandpa’s House‘.

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