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The Importance of Music and Instruments for Young Children

The Importance of Music and Instruments for Young Children


Yesterday (the 21st June) was World Music Day so I thought I’d write a short blog highlighting some of the musical instruments I stock for babies and small children. Music is important for all ages and it’s never too early to introduce musical instruments to children.

Getting young children to play simple instruments is beneficial.

  • It can calm and sooth babies and children
  • It can be a tool to engage with children and distract them
  • It enhances brain development and language skills. If you want more information, check out this article.
  • It improves motor skills (fine and gross, depending on the instrument)
  • It encourages self-expression
  • It is fun!

The great thing about musical instruments for young children is that they are generally inexpensive in comparison to pianos, violins etc. So, here’s some that I stock…

  1. Wooden Animal Castanets – €3 each
Animal Castanets wooden musical instruments for children

Animal Castanets wooden musical instruments for children

Although your child may not master clicking these until they are around 2 years old, they make a beautiful dull clacking sound which your child be mesmerised by as you click them together. Older toddlers will love clicking them and dancing to the rhythm they are making.

  1. Wooden Mini Maracas – €5.75 each 

    Wooden Mini Maracas wooden rattles

    Wooden Mini Maracas wooden rattles


These are very similar to old fashioned baby rattles. They have a slim handle and a bulb at the top which contains grains or something that makes a lovely shaking noise

  1. Triangles – €7

These bring me back to my school days. You hold the string and use the small metal rod to hit the metal triangle. Again, these are great at helping children develop rhythm

  1. Wooden Tambourines – €8.50

I stock these in 3 different colours.

  1. Beginner Band Set – €34.99

If you want to encourage music and rhythm in your child’s life and want more than one or two instruments then it’s cheaper to buy them in a set than individually. This Beginners Band Set from Melissa and Doug comes with six instruments, each making a different noise.

I hope you enjoyed World Music Day and that you and your child will take a few minutes to listen to or play music together.

Xx Suzie

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