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Magnetic Toys for All Ages

Magnetic Toys for All Ages

Magnets have always been very popular toys and I feel like they are in greater demand than ever. If your child loves thinking scientifically or you just like fun games where the pieces all stay in one place, then take a look at these really cool magnetic toys. I’ve something to suit every age!

1. Plan and Simple Magnets


magnetic toys

Junior Magnets

8-piece Magnet Set

These types of magnets are great for imaginative play. Use them to pick up coins or other metal objects. Alternatively play some magnet games like trying to move a metal object with the magnet through an assault course or using the metal object and the magnet to paint a picture.

2. Fridge Magnets

Magnetic wooden numbers

Magnets for your fridge

Magnetic Alphabet

Fridge magnets

Each wooden animal in this box is divided into 3 body parts and they are magnetic. Piece them together to look normal or choose to mix and match to create your own Crazy Animals!

Magnetic White Board

If you have your fridge behind a wooden door, I stock magnetic whiteboards which you can keep in your kitchen or child’s room to play with these on.

3. Magnetic Toys for Pre-School Children

Magnetic Fishing Puzzle with a magnet on the rod.

Magnetic Car Loader

Billy is a wooden boy with magnetic clothes

magnetic toys for preschool children

Abby and Emma are similar only there are two of them!

Magnetic toys for pre-school children

Bellissimo is a tin in the shape of a girl. Inside the tin are wooden magnetic clothes to dress her in.

Or, make some Funny Faces using magnetic eyes, mouths, bows, mustache and much more on this double-sided tin.

This is another version of the fishing game only the fish come in a box and not in a puzzle.

This magnetic box opens up and comes with loads of magnetic shapes and pictures to copy. It’s called Magnetic Pattern Blocks.

4. Magnetic Toys for Older Children

Instead of the dart having a pointy end, it has a magnet. This sticks to the magnetic dart board.

Magnetic toys for older children

Colour in the plastic pictures, put them in the oven and watch them shrink to become much smaller and thicker. Then stick the magnets to the back of your Shrinkles. I stock them in Stegosaurus, Princess, and Unicorn.

magnetic toys for older children

Use the plaster of Paris to make either Mermaids or Dinosaurs. Then paint them and add the magnets.

magnetic toys for older children

Magnetic Putty Peeps comes with a very strong magnet which draws the putty towards it and can even hold the putty magnetically. All ages will enjoy it.

I hope this blog has helped you see that there are some really fun and cool magnetic toys on the market these days.

xx Suzie


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