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How to make Pirate Costumes for less than €6 each

How to make Pirate Costumes for less than €6 each

Last week our Parish had their annual fair and the theme was Pirates. One aspect of the fair is a fancy dress competition and so we got into the spirit of it and I made pirate costumes for my daughters and I. I thought I’d take a few minutes to share how I made them for less than €6 each.

So, the ladies pirate costume first. This was easy enough as I had most of the items needed in my wardrobe:

  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black knee high boots
  • A white shirt
  • A red scarf tied around my waist
  • A black shawl/pashmina tied over my head like a bandanna and fastened with a bobbin.
  • Hooped ear-rings and some chunky jewellery

The only extra item that I didn’t have was a waist coat. Since pirates are to be rugged and look the worst of the wear, I decided to cut an old black vest top to make a waist coat. I just cut down the centre of it from top to bottom and then fastened it around the chest area with some safety pins.

Lots of other mums had made their own pirate costumes too. Many wore black and white stripy tops, parachute trousers with boots, flowing skirts and lots of large pieces of gold jewellery.

The Girl’s Pirate Costumes

The girls wore the following items that we had in their wardrobes:

  • Black leggings
  • Black boots
  • A red skirt

I went to the charity shop and bought an old large shirt for each of them. They cost 50c each. When we were home, I cut the sleeves in a large zig zag shape so that they were just below the elbow. I also cut the bottom of the shirt off, also in a zig zag shape.

I had run out of scarves to tie around heads and waists, so I used a pair of black leggings that belonged to me, rolled them up and tied them as make shift belts around the girl’s waists. I then gave them a red pirate hat each, which cost €4 and an eye patch each. These were only €1. Both of these are available in my shop and if you add a few extra things to your cart, you’ll avail of the €2 shipping rate (you need to spend €25 to get this rate).

Making the pirate costumes was a family affair and we all really enjoyed getting into it. My husband found two old umbrellas and cut off the handle to make hooks. We slotted these into holes in old black socks and taped it secure. If you don’t have old umbrellas, you could just use the hanging part of a coat hanger.

All in all, we looked the part in our pirate costumes and we had a great day.

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