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Make your own Slime

Make your own Slime

** Update : I no longer stock this kit **


Oh, how I hate slime! But what I hate more is my kids regular attempts at making their own slime from my flour, sugar, food colouring and other ingredients. It ends up so messy and is slimy for about 2 hours before it dries out all over my kitchen. I also invested in contact solution, pva glue and other chemicals in an effort to keep them out of my baking supplies but this ‘slime’ never turned slimy! Last year I stocked these ‘make your own slime kits’ and my girls and I did it together. It was fun to do and worked perfectly. I stopped stocking it because I grew to hate slime and I didn’t want to inflict it on others!! I am now learning that whether I like it or not, we have to endure it and this is the one type I can endure the easiest!

As far as making slime is concerned, this is as mess-free as it can possibly get. The kit contains 2 bottles (a base and a reactor). Simply measure out the required amount of each, stir for a minute and you have made your own slime. You can choose to use all the chemicals in one go and have a large amount of slime or to hold back and make small quantities several times.

As these are chemicals, adult supervision is required.

So, despite hating the stuff, I’ll continue to stock it until this horrible craze is over, in an effort to spare your baking ingredients (and mine!)

xx Suzie

PS. If you want to try out this DIY slime kit, you can purchase it here


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