My Business New Years Resolutions!

My New Years Resolutions for my Business

Happy New Year. I can’t believe we are now in 2020. Time is moving so fast these days that I’m finding it hard to keep up. I’m a task-focused person and I love lists and completing them. Hence this opportunity to write a short list of business goals for 2020.

I guess my ultimate goal is to make more sales in 2020 and somehow convince Irish shoppers to shop from me, a small retailer instead of sending their money to multi national, foreign toy shops and sellers. With Brexit fast approaching, it’s hard to know how it will affect business for me but I’m hoping that consumers that in the past shopped on British websites might consider looking at more local, Irish ones.

So, here’s my 3 business New Years Resolutions:

  1. To become better at using Instagram by posting better Insta Stories. Instagram is somewhat new to me and I feel I haven’t fully grasped how to use it well. Not just to spam people with boring posts and photos but to fully engage with people and post up stuff that will interest them. This is quite daunting for me but it’s a good challenge. What I’d love to do is a course on Instagram for business. Have any of you done this or heard of a good one? If you have, please send me recommendations by commenting below or by private message/e-mail. If you’re not already following me in on Instagram, you can do so here.


2. To become better at using YouTube for my business. I realise that lots of people like to actually touch the products they want to buy so they can feel quality, weight and details. You don’t get this experience when you shop online. I want to help bridge that gap but showing more details in video product reviews. I’ll embed the videos I make on my product pages to help consumers getting a better feel for the products they are viewing and they can view all my videos on my You Tube channel. This is also just a skeleton at the moment and needs a lot of work. I’d also love to do a course in this area, so like above, if you know of any that you are happy to recommend, please let me know and if you’d like to see some product reviews, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

3. Use as much Recycled Packaging as Possible. I already do this but I’ve decided not to buy bubble wrap in 2020 so orders will now be protected with recycled cardboard and brown paper. I have some padded envelopes that I will use but I don’t plan on restocking once they are used. If your order comes with bubble packaging, be assured that I’m just re-using packaging that has come to me in orders. I will try as much as possible to re-use the boxes that come into me (but I’ll cover the branding on the boxes so little people can’t guess the contents, in case it’s a surprize). I think this will be the easiest resolution out of the three, for me, although it will be more time-consuming.

Here’s hoping that by this time in 12 months, I’ll be able to put a little tick beside each of these three resolutions.

Thanks for taking the time to read and for supporting my business. I wish you and your families a happy and healthy 2020.

xx Suzie

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