New Legler Wooden Toys Due in Any Day Now!

New Legler Wooden Toys Due in Any Day Now!

I stock some lovely wooden toys from a German toy company called Legler/ Small Foot Design. Many of my lines have been sold out for some time now but this week, I’m hoping a delivery will arrive to re-stock those lines and to add a few more products to my range of wooden toys. Here’s a sneak peak at what to expect…





Wooden Race Track

This is only a small selection of my Small Foot Design Toys. As you browse through my wooden toy section, you’ll find many more. I think you’ll agree that these toys are super quality and are priced so that everyone can afford them.

Happy Shopping,


PS. Legler have a really good environmental policy and most of their wooden toys comes with the FSC Mark. If you’d like to see other toy companies that I stock that have equally good eco policies, check out my blog on Earth Day. Or, if you’d like to see some other new toys that I’ve added to my range online, check out this blog.


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