New Melissa & Doug Toys Have Arrived

New Melissa & Doug Toys Have Arrived

Every year I add to my Melissa & Doug range of toys and this year is no different. When their catalogue arrives through my letter box in January, I marvel at the lovely toys they make and put together a wish list of toys that I would like to add to my range. This is very hard, as Melissa & Doug make gorgeous toys and I literally want to stock everything!! Anyway, then I have to wait til stock sells so that I have money to place a large order. This finally happened in June and the toys have just arrived. It’s an understatement to say that I’m delighted with them.

Here’s some of the toys that I’m adding….

Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker, wooden stacking toy

Melissa and Doug Vehicle Puzzles in a Box. Wooden Jigsaw puzzles

Melissa and Doug Vehicle Puzzles in a Box. Wooden Jigsaw puzzles

If you have landed on this page and want to see my full range of Melissa & Doug toys and not just my new stock, click on this link.

Some of these items I have chosen because people have recommended them to me. If you have a favourite Melissa & Doug Toy, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll consider adding it to my range next time I’m placing a big order from them.

Happy Shopping,

xx Suzie


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