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It’s a Piece of Cake : Étagère Muffins Toy Review

It’s a Piece of Cake : Étagère Muffins Toy Review


** Update – I no longer stock this toy but I’m still happy to recommend it

My niece is three and she spends countless hours playing with food. Thankfully, for her mum’s sake, it’s not the real stuff (she eats that very well!), it’s the wooden variety. Last Christmas we gave her the Étagère Muffins Set which comes with a wooden stand and six wooden muffins/cupcakes.

What I really like about this set, apart from it being super pretty, is that the tops of the muffins are interchangeable from the cupcake cases. There are two of each designed cases – green, yellow and mauve and there are two of each of the three styled buns – displaying different coloured icing or sprinkle designs. They are held together with Velcro.

This is particularly good for encouraging colour recognition and verbal communication so for example:

She : Would you like a cupcake?

Me: Yes please

She: Here you are (passing me one)

Me: Oh, do you have any chocolate flavoured ones?/Ones with less sprinkles?

She: (going back to her stand, has to recognise the brown coloured one and bring it over) Here you are.

Me: Oh, my favourite colour is yellow. Can I have one with a yellow cupcake case?

And so on…

Since the set comes in a flat box, I decided that I would assemble it before giving it to her, so she could play with it as soon as she opened it. It was easy to assemble, although you do need a screwdriver. The instructions were clear and it only took a couple of minutes.


What we loved about this set:

  • There are enough cupcakes for several children to play with it at the same time
  • It’s wooden so much harder to break than plastic alternatives
  • The stand is really pretty and it means the cupcakes get put back after being played with
  • The toppings and cases can be interchanged
  • It’s very well priced for what you get.

I also stock a large selection of play food here so if the muffins don’t take your fancy, you might find something else!

Enjoy the fun!



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