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Popzle Cards Have Multiple Uses

Popzle Cards Have Multiple Uses

Following on from last week’s well read Blog, guest blogger and owner of Popzle, Amy Sherwin, has agreed to do a follow-on blog, explaining how Popzle 3D pop-out cards have multiple uses. She writes:

” It annoys me that we go to so much effort to buy that special greeting card, it is placed on the shelf for a few days and then thrown out. Or perhaps for those of you, like me, they kept in a drawer never to be opened again until it is overflowing!

Our Popzles are designed to last longer, with the hope that you may find a little place and use for them in your home.  So how will our Popzle stay in your home longer than a few days, here are a few suggestions:

For the Little Ones (3-9 year olds approximately)

Share quality time with your children and help them put together their new characters and play.  Our Popzles are printed on a sturdy paperboard making it suitable for all ages to handle, allowing for a bit of rough use from the pre-schoolers.  Or, maybe they are big enough to build them on their own and you can enjoy that quiet cup of tea!  Watch them learn and play, put together and take apart, collect their favourites, create a family of characters and enter their world of imagination.

For the Grown Up Kids (9-13 year olds approximately)

They love the surprise of receiving something different and enjoy building their Popzle.  Although they may not take them apart and rebuild them again, they do like to keep them on display in their room, as a decoration or as a momento to remind them who gave it to them.


For the Adults

As well as enjoying the benefits of your child’s creative spirits playing with their Popzles, does a Popzle have to be just for the child?  They are beautifully designed and make a wonderful card and gift to congratulate a new baby to the home. For example Gerry & Jemima Giraffe is lovely for a family who have just had their first baby, or Ellie Elephant & her 3 calves for a family who have just had their 3rd child.  Perhaps send Freddie Fox & Casper Cub to a friend who loves foxes.  Or, for those of you are feeling creative, why not make a mobile out of them for your child’s room!

I hope this has helped you to get an idea of the extra benefits that a Popzle can bring to your friends and family.

Toys and Games Ireland will be stocking a selection of our Popzles, including our popular Olly & Olivia Owl and Charlie Chopper , and if you can’t find the one you are looking for on this website, pop over to my shop and choose from the whole selection..  Give them a go, let me know what you think, and send us your pics and clips of happy kids with their Popzles to #popzlepics


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