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Putty Peeps Mixing Lab Review

Putty Peeps Mixing Lab Review

** Update : I have stopped stocking this product

About a year ago, I brought the Putty Peeps Mixing Lab into stock. I’d previously stocked metallic putty peeps and it proved to be a very good seller for me, so I decided that a kit that allows you to make your own Putty Peeps would go down well. As soon as my youngest saw the Mixing Lab, she decided she wanted one and agreed to spend her pocket money on it. We were both very impressed with the simplicity of the kit and the end results (which a year later, still get played with)

The Mixing Lab comes with instructions which double as a mixing mat. This means that your table doesn’t get messy.  All the substances are bagged and clearly marked so it’s easy to follow. As you can see, in the picture below, you start by adding colour to the neutral putty.

You can make them in primary colours or choose to mix two or more of the primary colours to make a different colour.

She chose to make 6 secondary colours. In the photo below, you can see what she used to make green putty.

The third step is to add an effect to your putty. The kit comes with 3 effects  – metallic, glitter (see picture below) and glow in the dark. Again, you can mix these to have a combination or keep them pure.

Once you have made your first putty, you put it in the tub and you can get going on your next one. There’s enough of everything to make 6 tubs of putty. They are smaller than the regular Putty Peeps that you buy, but there’s still plenty in each tub to get play value from it.

And, like all Putty Peeps, it comes with a selection of eyes, so you can make lots of little putty monsters.

Here’s what we loved about the Putty Peeps Mixing Lab:

  • It’s easy to follow
  • It’s not messy
  • You end up with 6 unique tubs of putty
  • It’s priced really well (currently €14.99) which works out at €2.50 per tub
  • If it’s looked after, the putty will last
  • It gives a good visual chart to help children learn about primary and secondary colours.

I honestly, can’t think of anything bad about this set, although if you have animals in your house, you might need to be careful not to leave it somewhere, where they might eat it. And, children need to be taught to keep the putty in the tubs after it’s been played with to avoid it getting into carpets or onto clothes.

We enjoyed it so much that several months later, my eldest also bought a set! If you’d like to purchase one of your own, click on this link.

xx Suzie

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