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Review of Melissa and Doug’s Mess Free Glitter

Review of Melissa and Doug’s Mess Free Glitter

My daughters are aged 5 and 7 and they love anything that glitters. My husband, who is in his 40s, however, can’t cope with glitter!! He complains that it goes everywhere and ends up in his food. I feel caught in the middle. I want my girls to enjoy crafts that include glitter and yet, I want to have as little as possible glitter in my husband’s meals!! This seemed like an impossible place to be until we discovered Melissa and Doug’s Mess Free Glitter. This comes in lots of different packs/designs. I decided to stock one and see if it really was mess-free before adding to my range on The one I choose was the Friendship Foam Stickers. It is very affordable at only €7.50 – making it possible for your child to save for it or for a birthday present.

It was a rainy day when I produced this pack to my daughters and they were thrilled. They both love doing crafts and making pretty things. This set was ideal for them, as there were two sheets of stickers to work on so it was easy for me to give them a sheet each without  any fighting over who got what. In total there were 23 stickers to work on, but there is also lots of extra bits around the stickers so once the stickers were all done, my girls drew heart shapes and flowers and used the remaining glitter on the shapes they’d drawn and cut out.


Also in the packet are 5 different coloured glitter sheets. Once the first sticker to do was chosen, the top white later was pulled off, revealing a sticky foam area. Then, they choose what colour glitter to put on it and placed it on top with the glitter side up. They rubbed it with their fingers and then lifted the glitter sheet. The glitter sticks to the foam shape and peels smoothly off the glitter sheet.


Most of the stickers have two or more areas to be filled with glitter. Your child can choose whether to use the same colour for all the areas or to use a different colour. The great thing about using a different colour is that the glitter doesn’t spread into other areas until the white layer is removed and it doesn’t move across blending the colours.


Once the sticker is complete, it can be popped out from the sheet of stickers (no scissors needed) and the back yellow layer can be peeled off, so it can be stuck into a book, onto a card or placed wherever your child wants it to go. The glitter on the sticker looks like traditional glitter and feels like traditional glitter however, when you rub your finger over it, it doesn’t come off on your finger, the way traditional glitter would.


Both my daughters loved this Melissa and Doug craft. They both managed to do it with very little help from me and they are both asking for another set to work on! It took them about 45 minutes each to complete their sheet of stickers. I am happy to recommend this set for children this age and older.

The best news of it all was that my husband didn’t get any glitter in his dinner that day!

xx Suzie



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